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Why You Should Keep a Humidifier in Your Baby’s Nursery

Humidifiers are a very popular feature in most nurseries, in fact, they regularly feature on lists of gadgets that every nursery should have. But what is all the fuss about? Why do you need a humidifier in your baby’s nursery? And how can a humidifier be beneficial to your baby and their health?

The truth is, that a humidifier is essential for your baby’s well-being. Adding moisture to the air, a humidifier or a baby vaporizer will give your baby healthier skin, allow them to sleep better and it will look after their little nose, stopping sinuses from becoming dry and irritated. On those cold winter nights, a humidifier can go a long way towards reversing the drying effects that heating your home can cause and can help you save money on your energy bill!

Let’s take a look at some of the ways a humidifier can benefit your baby and why you should consider one for your nursery.

Keep Your Baby’s Nose Happy

When the air in your home is dry, it can irritate little noses, leading to sinuses drying out and causing your baby to have that awful stuffed-up feeling. Your baby’s nasal passages are, of course, much smaller than those of an adult and are more susceptible to congestion as a result. By using a humidifier in your nursery, you can easily add moisture to the air and keep your baby’s nose in great health. By creating optimal conditions in the nursery you can prevent sore, cracked skin inside your baby’s nose and instead allow your little one to breathe comfortably.

Ease Cold Symptoms

Watching your baby suffering from cold symptoms can be quite distressing for any parent. Having experienced cold symptoms yourself as an adult, you know exactly what they’re going through but since giving cold medication to children under the age of 6 is advised against, you can be left feeling frustrated and helpless. This is where a humidifier can help. By adding warm, moist air to the room, you can help thin secretions from the nose and help to keep the nasal passages clear. If you want to use any oils such as menthol or eucalyptus, be sure to consult with your doctor first and always choose organic products that are 100% free of pesticides to keep your baby safe from any chemical contaminants.

Prevent Dry Skin

It’s no secret that a baby’s skin is much more sensitive than that of an adult. They are much more susceptible to dry, itchy, irritable skin, chapped lips and even skin conditions such as eczema. However, with more moisture in the air, you can help your baby’s skin to stay naturally moist, keeping your little one’s skin soft and preventing any unnecessary irritations for your child.

Improve Sleep

If your baby becomes congested, it can have a major impact on their quality of sleep. We all know how a cough or irritated sinuses can keep us awake at night and how that constant itch in the back of your throat can lead to you waking up throughout the night, A humidifier not only helps to keep your baby free of congestion but in the case that they do suffer from congestion, you can alleviate the symptoms by simply adding moisture to the air. And with your baby sleeping better, you can get some well-deserved rest too.

Why a Humidifier is a Great Addition to Any Nursery

Using a humidifier in your baby’s nursery will add moisture to the air which will allow your baby to sleep better, experience less skin irritation and make them less susceptible to congestion and irritation of nasal passages. The advantages to your baby’s health and comfort are worth the investment and once you have your humidifier up and running, you’ll soon wonder how you ever managed without one.

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