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10 Easy DIY Kid’s Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! You may be one of those moms who’s already shopped on Amazon or at the Spirit Store for your kid’s halloween costumes. And there’s no problem with that! Or you might be one of those moms (us) who will put everything off until the last minute and want to save that money for other family activities rather than a $40 costume that your kid will wear once (if they make it out the door without having a meltdown or blowout!).


Here at Modern Day Moms, we’re all about being frugal and thrifty, which is why we’ve put together a list of 10 DIY halloween costumes that won’t break your bank and your kiddo will still look festive and fun!

Witch Costume

Dressing up as a witch is pretty easy! Get an all-black outfit, can be a dress or a top and a shirt with a black tutu, a cinnamon broomstick (which you can buy from any local Trader Joes or grocery store) and a witches hat which can be found at any Dollar Tree or 99 cent store. Voila – you’ve got your own little witch costume for less than $10!


With this headband from Amazon, you can easily create a flamingo costume! Dress up your little one in an all pink outfit, add the headband and your little flamingo is all set to go!

An Old Person

Nothing is funnier than seeing a toddler dressed as an old person! Dress up your little one in a cardigan, printed dress, tights for girls or a cardigan, collared shirt and pants for little boys. Add a pair of oversized glasses and dust baby powder on their hair to make it grey and you’ve turned your little one into an elderly person overnight! If you want to go with props, you can opt for a cane!

Kitty Cat

Dressing up like a cat on Halloween might be the easiest outfit ever! Pair an all-black outfit with cat ears headband and tail that you can find here. Paint on little whiskers and a kitty nose and you’ll have your very own little kitty cat!

Harry Potter

Another easy one! Dress up your little one in a white t-shirt or button up, cargo pants and pair it with these glasses and tie from Amazon. Use a body crayon to draw on the famous scar on Harry’s forehead and you’ll have yourself a little wizard on Halloween. How cute!

A Cow

This one requires a little DIY work! Grab a plain white t-shirt or onesie and apply black cut out spots with fabric glue for the cow spots. You’ll get extra brownie points if you make udders!


For the bumblebee costume, all you have to do is pair this headband, bow, and stinger set from Amazon with an all-black outfit!


If you’re an uber Disney fan, nothing is better than dressing your little one as your favorite characters! Pair a green dress with white tights with this set of wings from Amazon. Put her hair up in a little bun and you can add a wand if you’d like, and you have your very own Tinkerbell!


Bubble Bath

This one also requires a little DIY work. Have your little one dress up in an all-white outfit. Blow up white balloons in alternating sizes and attach them together with fishing wire. Secure a rubber ducky and loofa to the balloons and voila – you’re little one is a bubble bath!

A Superhero

Who says your kid has to dress up as a Marvel or DC character to be a superhero? Let them be their own superhero! This custom cape from Amazon comes in all different letters. Let your kid pick their own superhero name or simply use the letter from their first name. Who doesn’t want to be a superhero for a day!?

All of these costumes can be made with less than $15 and don’t take much effort. Good luck this Halloween, mamas!



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