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The Top New Year’s Resolutions For Moms

Every mom wants to be better just like every person wants to be better. Just because you became a mother doesn’t mean you don’t have room to improve or that you can’t want to improve. New Year’s resolutions are part of a great tradition and they are meant to make you a better person from the year before. What if you could also be a better mother than the year before?

While some people have ambitious goals these are the top new year’s resolutions from moms around the globe. Check it out and see if you have some ideas for your New Year’s resolutions this upcoming New Year.

Drink Less

A lot of moms out there need wine. Sometimes dealing with everyday stresses after becoming a mother just seems to amplify. So, it’s no wonder that one of the top resolutions for mothers out there is to drink less wine.

Less than what or who we don’t know, but I’m sure you could fill in the blank there.


Hone Your Patience

Another big one from mothers we hear is that they will build impeccable patience over the next year. Being a parent is frustrating. Even if you have the perfect child things go wrong and people can give some not so sweet advice.

The point is that patience isn’t built in a day. So, this is a really great resolution to take to heart over the next year. Be sure to practice your patience every day so you can get really good at it and not flip out at your kids over the small stuff. Life is too short for that.

Make Reasonable Resolutions

Another great one is to stop making impossible New Year’s resolutions. That one sounds pretty easy. Let’s not say we’re going to lose one-hundred pounds in a week okay? That’s just not possible. And even if it is, It’s probably not healthy.


Reduce Your Stress

Another top resolution of moms around the globe is reducing stress. To me, this one sounds pretty impossible. However, it’s not illuminating it’s reducing. There are lots of stresses at every phase in mom life. If only the Dads could understand this. Oh well.

Save More Money

“I will save money” is a great resolution for anyone. However, for mom,s it can be tough. Your kid probably doesn’t need a pair of the top of the line Nike’s, but they could probably use some new sneakers as they have changed sizes. Save where you can, but make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Drink More Water

I will drink more water. You might think this one is easy, but if you’re a mom reading this, and I bet you are, you know that this is hard. Sometimes my water bottle from the a.m. is still not finished by the p.m. even though I need to drink more because of breastfeeding.

It’s just because we do so much in a day and in one hour that we don’t even have time for a sip of water. As I’m writing this I have laundry going and am trying to wash some bottles. So, yeah um…drink more water.

Take Advantage of Pinterest

If I pin it, I will make it is another big resolution for some moms out there. They pin on Pinterest all these things they wish to achieve but never get to them. Sounds fair.

Go To Sleep Earlier

I will go to bed earlier is another great resolution from moms around the globe. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, this will never happen. So, I would like to bring you back to impossible resolutions. Don’t make impossible resolutions. While this one is a great goal if you have a newborn or small child it’s darn near impossible.

Read More (Serious Novels)

Reading more is on this list. I don’t mean more bedtime stories. God knows we all do and read too many of those. No cutesy snowmen books! I mean serious business here. History books, horror books, romance, suspense, Adult (get your mind out of the gutter,) or, at least, young adult novels that you will enjoy that actually have some depth to them.

You remember, the books without the pictures? There was a time you read books without pictures.

Be Better (To Yourself)

Lastly, I will be kinder to myself is a great resolution that moms around the globes are striving for. Unfortunately, being a mom sometimes means putting your needs and emotions on the backburner, which can build up those emotions within you causing you to implode or explode at some point.

There is always a breaking point. When this happens we are not kind to ourselves. That negative self-talk is bad. So make your resolution this year to treat yourself to a manicure or massage, but also make sure you tell yourself your worth it too and you have value. If you don’t believe you have value neither will your children.



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