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If You Find Yourself With a Case of the Breakfast Blues, Give These 13 Colorful Avocado Toast Recipes a Try

Okay, parents… how many times have the words, “You need to eat your breakfast” come out of your mouth? Or if your kids are still sweet little babies who aren’t quite at the talking-back stage in life yet, (lucky), how often does your day start with, “Ok, let me feed the baby first” before you really begin the day? You would never imagine starting their day without a good breakfast or an empty stomach. Right?

Now, how many times have you ran short on time, shrugged it off and said you’ll grab something later– Or instead of an actual breakfast, just shoved a handful of Cheerios into your mouth, chased it with some coffee, and headed for the door? Mm-hmm. We have all been there. The importance of breakfast is something that has been engraved in our heads since our own childhood. So, it is no wonder why we reflect that onto our kids.

Now you, Mamas and Papas, let this be a reminder that is still important for you to start your day off right as well. If you haven’t jumped on the avocado toast train yet, though it passed, or are tired of it, I have your ticket to some winners to will encourage you to jump on. So, on those mornings you find yourself grabbing for a handful of anything that’s near, or falling into that dreaded breakfast stump of not knowing what to make, keep these recipes in mind.

There are some showstoppers, and some simple everyday ones here, prepare to escape the breakfast blues with these healthy beauties. What is even more beautiful, is these are perfect for not just breakfast, but any time of day.

Beet Hummus Avocado and Crispy Chickpea

A name as long as it’s provided health benefits, and it sure is pretty! Give yourself a little prep time for this one, and make a bit extra for some on hand leftovers. Eating rainbow colors to start your day is a guaranteed step in the right direction.

Autumn Avocado Toast

This reminds me of a breakfast or snack I always wanted but didn’t know existed. The kind of health indulgence that pairs well with an early autumn morning and a cup of tea.

Strawberry Avocado Toast with Burrata

Have you ever had a strawberry Avocado salad? It’s love in a bowl, right? Combine all the flavors into one and mash it beautifully onto a freshly toasted slice of bread. The perfect snack for any time of day that will keep you feeling light, fresh and fully satisfied.

Avocado Chorizo Toast

You. Are. Welcome. I mean, the name says it for itself. Need I say more? Yes, I must. So simple, so satisfying. To make a vegan version, simply use tofu chorizo!


Protein Packed Avocado Toast

Okay so, someone knew what they were doing when they came out with prepackaged Avocado Mash. SO much easier than slicing up and peeling an avocado when you are short on time! I know I always end up with scary Frankenstein hands when I’m trying to open an avocado in a rushed moment.

Open this package up, spread it on fresh toast, toss some raw pumpkin seeds, cottage cheese, and some other specialty ingredients on and you have yourself a quick and handy protein packed Avocado Toast.

Sweet Potato Toast With Avocado and Sprouts

The game changer in the avocado toast world. The sweet potato is the bread. To make it even better, it is topped with cojita cheese, sprouts, radishes, and chives. Is your mouth watering yet?

Simple Poached Egg Avocado Toast

The key word here is “simple,” or is it “poached egg”? Either way, they’re all winners. The prep time is 5 minutes, the cook time is 5 minutes. That is the same amount of time we end up looking at or fridge searching for something to eat.

Next time you find yourself zombie gazing at your shelves, give this a try.

Mexican Grilled Corn Avocado Toast

Your eyes do not deceive you. This is real. Like really real. And it is just as delicious and exciting as the words look. Treat yourself to this recipe, you will be happy you did.

Goat Cheese Avocado Toast

Easy peasy olive oil squeezy! Not much time or ingredients are involved in this avo-toast. And if you are a fan of goat cheese, this one is a no-brainer.

Smashed Avocado Toast with Veggies

Talk about one nutrient-packed breakfast. Saut veggies in a pan with coconut oil and combine it with some seriously deliciously mashed avocado.

Smashed Avocado Soft Boiled Pumpkin Seed Tartine

A simple and politely pieced together version of avocado toast. Soft boiled eggs, lime, sea salt flakes and fresh slices from a loaf of bread make this beautiful creation; and it just sounds fancy.

“What are you having as a snack together?” -Oh, a soft-boiled pumpkin seed Tartine, darling. Sweet, simple, and healthy.

Ginger Coriander Sprouted Lentil Avocado Toast

This. Just this. Imagine sitting in the gentle sunshine with a warm, lentil-topped, slightly-toasted, generously-seasoned avocado toast. It is one of those energy raising, soul grounding recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied and happy afterward.

It’s like the master hugger of avo-toasts.

Avocado on Rye with Feta and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds
Pesto, pumpkin seeds and feta, yes, please! If you are looking for a comforting combination that is sure to deliver some serious flavor and texture joy, this will be your taste buds best friend.



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