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Ways to Make Your Baby’s First New Year’s Amazing and Special

You’re probably just like me. You just had a baby in 2018 and you’re not sure how to ring in the new year with a little newborn. It’s hard, especially if this is your first child like it is mine. You’re not sure how exactly to go about bringing in the New Year in a way that is super special for your little one.

From reading blogs and thinking of ideas myself, I have come up with these foolproof ideas for making my new baby’s New Year special and probably my best New Year’s Eve yet.

Dress To Impress

The first idea is always the best idea. If you’re a fashionista or just simply love getting your little one dressed up, in general, this is for you. No matter what you do on New Year’s Eve you should look good. So, that way you can bring that positive and beautiful spirit into the New Year.

Doll up your child and dress them in little tuxes or dresses. Set the mood for the evening and dress up yourself. Make this a family photo moment at home with your little one.

Throw A Baby Bash

Have a baby party and invite all your friends who also have newborns to your home. Have baby food available for the little ones whether it be formula or purees. For the adults have drinks that match the occasion and fun appetizers or small plates. Set up a safe area for the babies to gather and play (a playpen is a great idea for this) and have adult conversations all while in eye view of your children.

Before everyone leaves stage a countdown. The babies and parents will all probably be exhausted to make this party an early afternoon party and only for a few hours.

New Years’ Photos

Pick a fun place to take a family photo. Somewhere in your area that’s historic or simply just beautiful. Make it a tradition every year on New Year’s Eve to take a photo there. This way you can see how much all of you have changed and grown over the years.

If you can, wear the same colors every year as well.

Appreciate The Countdown

The Countdown is fun, so, make the night special by having your little one join you in throwing confetti or streamers. All kids love confetti and streamers.

This will make the night special and different than the humdrum without a ton of extra expense.


Reminisce for an hour with your baby and your family about how much the baby has grown since he or she was born. You will be amazed and it will be fun to look back on the last year and focus on the new baby at the same time.

Have An Outing

Get out of the house Early. Go to the mall or go eat a casual meal with your little one. Hit family-friendly spots throughout your town or city. Usually, there are quite a few early family gatherings for New Year’s Eve celebrations. You simply have to check your local area online to find out.

Hint: Local play spaces and gyms usually have these types of celebrations.

Make mom resolutions

To be a better mother is always a goal, but let’s try something like remembering extra bibs before going out over the next year. Something useful, fun, and important. Then tell your baby about the resolution and see what they think. They may giggle!

Enjoy New Year’s Day

If you’re too tired to stay up for the ball being a new mom and all, then make New Year’s Day your focus! Go out for a nice breakfast or brunch. It probably won’t be crowded so it’s perfect to have some fun and not be around too many germy people.

Create A Baby Calendar

Dedicate yourself to a brand new calendar. Take time every night to write something about your little one in this calendar. It’s quicker than keeping a baby book or baby journal. You’ll have a complete record of new developments over the year and next New Year’s Eve you can reflect upon the year you and your mini-me had.

Make a Time Capsule

Create a time capsule of your baby’s things. Grab a diaper, a favorite outfit they have worn, a picture, and one other small item that reminds you of their first year. Write a special note to your sweet little baby girl or boy and then in 10 years read it to them and share what you put into the time capsule.

Keep making a time capsule every decade as a tradition. It’s definitely a fun one.



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