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10 Insanely Easy Storage Ideas for Your Closet

Our closets slowly become the realm of disused and forgotten items over time. If you find yourself toying with the idea of organizing your closet, you may soon come to realize that closet organization begins with proper storage space. Below, you will find the most ingenious and affordable storage ideas for your closet.

1. Homemade Clothes Rack

When one clothing rack isn’t enough room for your glamorous wardrobe, it might just be time to craft a DIY hanging clothing rack. There are various ways to craft your own hanging clothing rack which makes this a very versatile and customizable way to create extra storage space. These racks are usually light-weight and can be placed inside of your closet or in an unused corner of your room to be easily accessed whenever you require.

2. Utilize the Space Under Your Shelves



A common storage area within a closet is the shelf positioned above the hanging rod. An ingenious invention allows you to use the area beneath the shelf by installing an under-shelf basket. These baskets are usually constructed with wire and will add a few extra inches of storage space beneath your shelf. This allows you to fully utilize the space above the shelf simultaneously without interference.

3. Use an Extender Hanging Rod

This metal rod works exactly as its name implies. It consists of a set of metal rods that hook onto the rod currently in your closet. The extender rod is adjustable and doubles your hanging closet space by giving you a second rod on which to hang clothes beneath the row of clothes already hanging in your closet. This is a simple and affordable way to increase your closet’s storage potential.

4. Hang Bulky Items on Wall Hooks

Closets can easily become overrun with excess purses, backpacks, and luggage bags. Put these items to use as storage containers. Stuff light seasonal clothing or footwear into these bags to open up hanging space. Once you’ve filled them, hang these bags on metal hooks attached to the wall inside of your closet above the door. This will clean up excess clothes and other items while also getting bags and luggage out of your way.

5. Wall of Basket Organizers



An open wall with empty space is a creative treasure trove for those looking to add a stylish storage area to their closet. Using metal towel bars, baskets, ribbon, and various tools, you can turn a bare wall into a cascading nook of basket storage spaces. What makes this idea so brilliant is how simple and versatile it is to change any of the materials. Instead of towel bars, you can use metal hooks or adhesive hooks. The ribbons can be replaced with zip ties or nylon string.

6. Divide Your Shelves

A single shelf spanning the width of the closet is a staple fixture of almost every closet ever constructed. This lone single-tier shelf leaves much to be desired in the realm of storage and organization. Luckily, you aren’t married to the current incarnation of this boring shelf. Consider purchasing a set of shelf dividers. To further optimize your shelf dividers, lay a thin board across them to act as a second shelf. Stack light-weight plastic storage bins on the board to take advantage of empty vertical space above your shelf.

7. Put Your Closet Door to Work



The back of your closet door is a fertile land of untapped organizational potential. The best tool for utilizing the space available on your closet door is an over-the-door organizer. It works just how it sounds. A metal frame will have hooks that latch over the top of your closet door. This metal frame could hold baskets, shelves, plastic pouches, a series of hooks, or tiers of extra hanging bars. One over-the-door organizer could afford you untold amounts of extra storage space.

8. Invest in Special Hangers

There are special types of hangers that save closet space and organize clothes clutter. Cascading hangers act as a type of storage unit by consolidating several clothing items into one long vertical tapestry of apparel. These look like ordinary hangers except for a tiny hooked panel that allows you to hang one hanger off of another.

An additional hanger that could benefit your closet would be a tiered swivel pant hanger. It resembles a normal hanger but is constructed with multiple bars that are equidistant from one another. You can hang ties, belts, stockings, pants, or skirts from this tiered hanger that will only occupy a space the width of a sweater.

9. When in Doubt, Renovate

If you find yourself unable to successfully put a dent in the amalgamation of clutter that exists within your closet, it might be time to consider a full closet renovation. This may sound like a daunting and expensive task, but if you shop around for sales and do the work yourself, this weekend project could turn out to be a mess slayer and a budget saver.

Some brilliant ideas to get you started on your closet renovation would be to first install some wall-mounted wire shelving. Another great addition to your closet would be a set of bin dressers. They are light, easy to move, and customizable to suit your specific storage needs.

10. Put Up A Mini Shoe Rack

Shoes are a small, simple necessity that can easily take over your very limited closet space. To combat the growing tide of heels, tennis shoes, and boots, consider purchasing a compact shoe rack. It should give you two or three levels of storage space for your shoe collection. Find one that can be nestled comfortably into a closet corner or nook.

To optimize the efficacy of your new shoe rack, try stacking shoes on top of one another instead of lining them up side-by-side. This will allow you to fit more pairs of shoes on each level and free up extra floor space in your closet.

Should you fail to find these closet storage suggestions suitable, there are a plethora of storage ideas for your closet available to you online. With such an extensive variety of storage ideas and materials, you are sure to find the project that best suits both your needs and your budget.


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