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Occly Invents a “Weapon for Kids”

Since youth are not allowed to carry weapons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they’re three times more likely to become victims of a violent crime than adults, according to the Bureau of Justice. Parents are in desperate need of a better self-defense solution for their children, but most child safety devices are equipped with only GPS, which offers little actual protection. As unsettling as it may seem, the reality is clear: Children are entirely defenseless.

Marc Harris, founder of Occly Security and father of two, was absolutely determined to do something about that. So, he invented Blinc, the world’s first wearable security system. It is the Swiss Army Knife of personal safety technology, fully-loaded with more safety features than anyone thought possible.

Blinc’s most powerful feature is Pretect, which stands for “Portable Real-Time Evidence Capture and Transfer”. The concept behind Pretect is to use evidence as a weapon against criminals, since Blinc is constantly capturing and transferring photos and audio to the cloud every second. Blinc also has sirens, bright lighting, 24hr emergency response and motion detectors for dorm or apartment defense.

Blinc is ideal for children, high school students, college students, moms on the go, travelers, runners, cyclists and more. For more information and to order an Ocly Blinc visit

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