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Glittered Mason Jar Terrariums

Imagine plants that can only be killed by watering too much. Not only that, imagine a pretty serene glass jar/bowl with beautiful thriving plants, relaxing rocks and decorative pieces. That would be a terrarium and they are one of my favorite things.


The number one way to destroy your terrarium is by OVERWATERING, believe it or not. The plants thrive in a terrarium with almost no help from the outside world.

You may be wondering what I’m even talking about… so let me explain. A terrarium is a miniature landscape with living plants and even sometimes small animals like lizards or turtles.

We recently told you about the amazing amazing partnership with Martha Stewart Living where we are going to be creating crafts using her products for the next 12 MONTHS! This was craft #1. Let me show you what I had to work with here!




A few things stood out: Adorable gift tags and lots of glitter!




I got it! I decided to make Glittered Mini Mason Jar Terrariums.



I decided to paint the bottom part of the mason jar. Using painters tape, of course!


I wanted to avoid painting from the inside because the environment from the terrarium wouldn’t be ideal for paint… of any kind, really.


After I applied the final coat of paint, I added glitter! You can’t go wrong with sparkly good stuff… unless of course, you were actually making this craft indoors. I preferred the drive-way. Just try to avoid a windy day. Ick.


When it comes to your terrarium, it’s best to keep it simple. You really need just plants (preferably succulents or fern), moss and stones. Decorative pieces are okay, too. Note: Always keep plants which need special conditions together. Don’t try mixing drought-loving succulents with moisture-loving ferns, for example.


Wood, moss, stones or other natural objects are important to give context in among the plants. They can mimic a full-sized landscape but in miniature.


For this craft, I used the following things:

– Small Mason Jars
– Small Rocks
– Dirt
– Succulents
– Sand
– Acrylic Paints
– Glitter
– Painters Tape


The project is pretty simple. Paint the jars first, let them dry and create your space. I created a dry/open-air terrarium because I am using succulents who prefer dry environments.

Remove any dead or dying foliage immediately to reduce the chance of fungal diseases. Prevent foliage from touching the glass sides.


Add these adorable gift tags to the finished project and give it as a gift on Valentine’s Day!


Leave off the glitter and your spouse just might enjoy it.

Products Used:
– Martha Stewart Crafts Heart Glitter, Valentines Day
– Martha Stewart Crafts Glitter, Artic
– Martha Stewart Hearts Punch * not shown

Stay tuned for next month’s craft! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram for updates.

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  • katie

    Congrats on being a part of the 12 Months of Martha! I will also be participating. I love your first project!!!

    • Modern Day Moms

      Thanks Katie!!!! Happy you stopped by. Can’t wait to check yours out. :)

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