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12 Safety Tips for your kids this Halloween

Tis’ the season for ghosts floating on trees and pumpkins galore. By this point, everyone’s Halloween decorations are in full force. There are only a few more short weeks until our streets will be covered in not only decorations but costumes galore. Yes, the main event is about the take its stage and will approach us all before we know it. Trick or Treating is almost here. But before your kids get ready to burst out the door and focus all their attention on running to the house 9 streets ahead of you, check these steps first. You get it, all the anticipation is finally about to unravel. Start informing them of some very important ways to stay safe this Halloween, and also preparing yourself. Some reminders might seem over the top, or a bit too protective, but in all reality, Halloween night gets pretty wild. There will be kids everywhere. Running, rushing, overly excited and super hyped up on sugar. Not to mention, people can get a bit kooky on this night. There will also be carloads of people driving through neighbors. Both responsibility, and irresponsibility. So, it’s better to be safe than sorry is a pretty good motto for Halloween night. Less chaos equals more fun. So it’s a win to take charge of the things that can be avoided.

Plan a route

Whether you live in a small or large neighborhood or are going elsewhere, plan out what streets you’ll be going to. It’s easy to get distracted and overwhelmed once you’re out there. So it’s best to know your kid’s limits and stick within that range. Remember, as far out as you go, you have to come just as far back. And it gets cold and tiring at the end of the night.

Car precaution

With those carloads of people, or parents following their kids while they drive, comes to a lot of added traffic. There is a lot going on, and the driver of the car might be focusing on their kids… and not yours who just darted across the street. Make sure they’re extra cautious and aware of the added traffic that will be happening… stay on those sidewalks.

Costume safety

With so many capes, witches and princesses, there can be a lot of extra lengths. Especially since the sizes are an approximated length. Make sure their costume isn’t too long to where they can trip while they’re running around.

Houses to avoid

If you’re in your own neighborhood you might be aware of some of those, “let’s walk around this one” houses. Every neighborhood has them, and I’m not talking spooky decorations. Give your kids a heads up beforehand or as you see them, just to avoid any unwanted interactions. And if you’re in a different neighborhood, if something doesn’t feel right, acknowledge that. Inform your kids as well.

Be Seen

It is dark out there! Load your kids up with glow sticks or reflective strips. Bright, colorful costumes are perfect, obviously. But if your child is Darth Vader, slap something bright and glowy on them.


There are so many kiddos that have many different allergies. If yours is one of them, be on the lookout for houses that have teal pumpkins outside. I’m sure you can even check the neighborhood website or Facebook page beforehand to see who will have them. You can then build your route around those houses to make it an even better night.


Make sure they’re carrying a water bottle, or you are for them. They will be running more this night than they would at a soccer game. So remember to carry a source of hydration with you.

Healthy Meal Beforehand

Set everyone up for a good, happy night. If you head out with an empty stomach or one full of junk food, it can make for a pretty unpleasant time.

Safety Tags

Make or buy a safety tag. Figure out a way for your kids to have their name, and your name and phone number on it. Even though we never think we will lose sight of our kids… there are reasons why someone invented leashes for kids. So it’s more than possible.

Candy Bullies

If your kids are a little older and able to run around the street with you lingering behind, make them aware of this. I remember seeing this as a kid. There are older kids who like to scare their peers or kids younger than them in order to steal their candy. Remind them it’s ok to stand up for themselves and to tell an adult right away.

Home Baked Goods

Unless it’s a good friend and family member you know and trust, practice turning these down. I mean, we can’t even bring baked goods to school for our children’s birthday anymore for safety reasons, so it makes sense for kids to avoid this from strangers as well.

Candy Check

Even as tempted as they might be to rip open a handful of candy and shove it in their mouths, just do a quick candy check before they do. Remember the turd who stuck a razor in an apple? Ya… thanks for that buzzkill, man.

Kids trip, fall, eat bad things and run out in front of cars. It happens every year. So have them do their best to have tons of fun but without face planting it on the neighbor’s driveway. Take those safety precautions and Happy Trick or Treating!



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