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2015 Holiday Toy Guide

This year, I have done some research on toys I think will be popular for Christmas. I decided to look for toys that aren’t just video games and Barbie dolls. I wanted to find toys that might challenge our kids whether it be their imagination or their dexterity skills. These toys are all unique and excellent quality.

I found a few toys that will definitely challenge your kids and entertain them at the same time.

  1. Kano Computer and Coding Kit – This is by far, my favorite find for 2015. I think it is an absolutely amazing creation for kids aged 6-12. If your child is technologically inclined – and even if they aren’t, it’s ok! – this is definitely a gift you want to have under the tree for them this year. Kano is a computer they learn to build and are able to do so on their own, which helps to push that independence and help them feel accomplished in what they do. When they are finished, they get to enjoy the fruit of their labor, learning how to code. Games like Minecraft, Snake and Pong are already programmed. I don’t know about you, but my son is obsessed with Minecraft, so this is definitely right up his alley. He has also showed an interest in coding. Please visit their website to learn more and to make your purchase (because I know you are going to!!). They currently have the computers marked down to $99.99 for the holiday season….while supplies last, so hurry! kano_1024x1024-1
  2. Ollie Darkside from Sphero – Ollie is an app-enabled robot that is relentless. You can smash it into a wall, jump it over a ledge and spin it until YOU are dizzy…and it keeps going! The most important thing: it’s powered by a USB charge – let’s hear the applause: NO BATTERIES!!! This is amazing for us moms and dads, if you know what I mean and I know you do. Ollie can reach speeds of up to 14 mph and he can go in practically any terrain. He comes with grippy tires for rugged terrain or more flat ones for street racing. He will literally blow your kids away! He also lights up and the color can be selected by you. I’m sure my son will choose Hulk green. haha He connects instantly to your device via Bluetooth and has a range of up to 100 feet. Getting everything set up takes just a short amount of time and is easy. It’s time to replace all those crappy remote control cars and purchase Ollie. Visit their website for more information and to make your purchase.DSHR-6664
  3. Vex Robotics Catapult – Hexbug has always been one of our favorite collections of toys. They aren’t your usual kind of toy as they don’t try to fluff up their appearance just to get you to buy their toy. They have a very robotic, built look to them. We have purchased many items before and have never had any complaints. This year, one of our favorite items is their catapult. It is easy to build and once your kids are finished, they will be launching items all over the house. Watch out! Please visit their website for more information and to make your purchase. Also, another item where batteries AREN’T required!file_47_4_1
  4. Xoxo – I like their description in this sentence on their website: YOXO (“yock-so”) is the sustainable, recyclable, made in the USA, invent anything you can imagine toy company. One thing I love to support are local businesses. I also love finding larger companies who are made in the USA. The toys made by Yoxo are high quality and fun to put together. These are toys for the child with the big imagination. One who loves to role-play and fly his dragon through the air. The toys are durable and you can even use household items to help build them, like toilet paper rolls. They are large scale, so when your kids are done fighting off knights and soldiers, they can put them on display on their dresser when it’s time to call it a day.  These toys are aimed at creators ages 8-14, but I believe kids even younger would enjoy them….just not below 3 as there are choking hazards. They have a wide array of characters to choose from including a Pegasus, a robot, a helicopter and more! Please visit their website to learn more and to make your purchase.Fyre_Shop4__06096.1434730699.1280.1280

All opinions are my own and I was given a product in exchange for a review.


Wendy is a facebook administrator and editor for Modern Day Moms. She is a multi-purpose mom (aren’t we all, really?) who loves home decor, couponing, sewing, photography, Pinterest, frugal living… ok, pretty much all the same things that most women love! She enjoys spending time with her family and friends while living on the gulf coast. Her two Boston Terriers - Oscar and Lily - occasionally make appearances on MDM.



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