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DIY Crafts: Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Thanksgiving…. my favorite holiday!! I couldn’t be more excited! Who doesn’t love eating, drinking and watching football? Here is a Thanksgiving inspired centerpiece I made that helped me discover the wonderful world of paint pens. It’s seriously SO easy. My life {and my house} may never be the same. Paired with a quick trip to the dollar store, I crafted this little bit of goodness in no time.

What you’ll need:

Paint pen(s) – any color, I used black
Printed letters
Small glass vases or jars {found these at the dollar store}
Candles {votives worked perfectly in my vases}
Decorative stuff to put in and around the candle holders {I used sticks from the woods outside my house, rocks (dollar store), decorative fake moss (dollar store), fake fall leaves (dollar store….are you sensing a theme?!?)}.

How to:

Print letters to use {mine are Segoe Script, 250pt}

Cut out and tape the letters to the inside of the vases/jars.

Use the paint pen to trace and fill in the letters on the outside. It dries pretty fast. Take the letters off of the inside and do any touch ups needed.

Since I am using this as a centerpiece, I reversed it and painted the letters on the other side of the vase as well.

Fill – sticks, moss then rocks surrounding the candle.

Put them on a runner on your table and fill in with fall leaves.

There are tons of other options for filling the candle holders – cranberries, dried beans, popcorn kernels, coffee beans, rice, cloves, marbles, sand…. anything that you have on hand. You could even use floating candles in water.

Enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  • Dree Getz

    This is gorgeous. Thank you. I pinned it.

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