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DIY Graphite Chalk Painted Stool

Just like everyone else on the planet, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of using chalk paint. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, to be exact. Yes, it’s very pricey but if you also factor in details such as not having to prime or sand before you paint, than you are not only saving money on primer but you are also saving time! If you are a mom to little kids, you understand the importance of time.

You may not always have a second to slip away to craft and create.

Today’s craft is pretty simple. I found a wooden stool on clearance at Target and decided to swoop it up. While it didn’t really match anything at the studio, I did like the idea of doing something funky with it.

photo 1

Last week, I picked up some chalk paint, clear soft wax & a brush from a local “stockist” and I was eager to get to painting. This was the perfect project! The color paint I used was Graphite. I only used a sample pot as well.

photo 2

First thing I wanted to do was to paint the underside of the stool.

photo 2

By going for long & quick paint-packed brush strokes, I was able to avoid having the paint spill over the edges onto the part of the stool that I didn’t want painted. Although, it would be a simple cleanup if you have a wet rag handy.

photo 3

Although I knew I wanted to do 1 more coat of the dark graphite color, I decided to add a little pop of color on the legs in Provence. I love this blue!

photo 3

6photo 5

Once the paint dried, I finished up with one more final coat and added the clear wax to finish off the job.

Have you ever tried chalk paint? What do you think?

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