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DIY Easy Yarn & Fabric Wreath

This is one of my favorite crafts to do. This project is pretty easy and is very versatile as far as colors and styles go. With only a few requirements, you can have a beautiful wreath for inside or outside.

You will need:

Wreath Form (Found at Joann Fabric & Craft Stores)
Yarn (any color)
Hot Glue

You can also use a pool noodle for a wreath form and because of it’s size, you might even be able to get two wreath forms out of it. I’ve seen the noodles at Walmart for $1! That’s a bargain. Just tape the ends as shown here from Love of Family and Home:


I was so into it, I forgot to take step by step photos but it’s very simple.

1. Take the wreath form and wrap yarn around it. I used multi-colored yarn. You can make it messy looking or you can wrap a single layer of yarn around the form like I did.


2. Once you have the whole wreath covered, I secured the ends of the yarn by hot gluing them in the back.

3. Create your fabric flowers, they don’t have to be perfect. Basically, take strips of fabric and just twist them until they start to curl up. Hot glue was my friend again and I secured them so they wouldn’t come apart.

4. Glue the fabric flowers on the wreath.

5. I made a little hanging tab on the wreath by wrapping an individual layer of yarn and then leaving the loops out so I can use it to hang on the door.

The color possibilities are endless here. Have fun!

Thanks Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores for providing us with a craft stipend to create this project! For more creative ideas, visit Creativity Made Simple. Also below, you’ll find a halloween coupon code to use in store or online!



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