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DIY Calming Mist Spray (aka NO MONSTERS spray)

This spray serves two purposes. It leaves the room smelling fresh and relaxing while allowing your young children to think it helps keep monsters away.

Of course, my daughter is 6 and still loves to use this spray. While she may not believe in monsters, she does know that this spray helps her “calm down” before bed. Her words.

Combine in a spray bottle and keep somewhere safe. Use as needed.

4 ounces water
20 drops lavender essential oil
20 drops geranium essential oil
20 drops clary sage essential oil

Mix in a spray bottle.


* The essential oils used in this recipe can vary. You are welcome to just create a spray that has lavender in it, especially if you don’t already have geranium or clary sage. I think lavender is the most important here but whatever you do, avoid certain essential oils like lemon, grapefruit, orange, cinnamon, peppermint, clove. These essential oils are known to awaken the senses and do nothing for calming.

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