“DIY Floor Pillow”

This DIY is another fairly simple one to make. These floor cushions are great for kiddos to use on movie night or when you are playing card games around the coffee table. They are nice for additional seating without breaking the bank.

You will need:

  • 1 1/3 yards of duck or upholstery fabric (I bought 2/3 in the floral and 2/3 in a solid for the bottom piece)
  • cushion pad (I used 2 packs of the twin size bed cushion from Walmart)
  • 22″ zipper

First, cut out two panels that are 22″ X 22″…or if youare using a pre-cut seat cushion, then cut it one inch wider than it says on the package. For my pillow, I made the bottom a darker solid color that coordinates with the fabric just so it would hide any dirt or dog hair it might acquire.


Next, cut out 4 panels that are 22″ long and the thickness you want your cushion to be. I chose to do 9″ thick, which is quite thick. These are your side panels.



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