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Easy Art Organization Using an Ikea Utility Cart

My daughter is a crafty little thing. With that comes many crayons, colored pencils, markers, various glues, scissors, you name it. Before I decided to really tackle this project and organize it a little better, we were using those cloth bins and clear boxes to store everything in. The only problem with that was that it invited her to just throw everything in there since nothing really had a place.

Enter in the R SKOG Utility Cart from Ikea. I have 3 of these carts in my house. I use one upstairs in the baby’s room to organize her diapers and various things. I use one in the laundry area to hold all our laundry soap and cleaners and I now use this one in our dining area where it rolls right next to our bookshelf. It really fits the space nicely and I love the fact that it can just roll to where she needs it.







I went to Target today and found these metal pails in the dollar section. I bought 3 of them and they each hold a ton of stuff. I have one for crayons, one for colored pencils and one for markers. All the other craft items are organized in various containers throughout. I love this idea and hope that she sticks with it. It makes this mama happy to see everything in its place!

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