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7 Tips for a Clutter Free Closet

Welcome to Jessica’s Top Thursday. Each week, I will feature a new Top Trend, Top 10 or Top List. I will mention some of our favorite items, tips, ideas, recipes and more. Enjoy! To see my previous Top Thursday posts, click here.

This week’s Top Thursday is:

Top 7 Tips for a Clutter-Free Closet

Below I will share with you some quick tips to decluttering your closets as well as your kids closets. Oh yes, it IS possible.

Tip 1.

Hanging closet organizers for shoes.

As seen above, I use a hanging closet organizer for my child’s shoes. It is easy for her to put them away and find the pair that she needs for the day. Keeps them off the floor too.

Here is a hanging shoe rack from Walmart, but you can also find them at target and other stores.

Tip 2.

Hanging closet organizers for seasonal clothes.

This hanging shelf organizer can become your best friend. Great for storing seasonal clothes or maybe clothes you were every so often but don’t want to store away. I use the Mainstays 6-Shelf Organizer from Walmart for less than $10! Super steal. See here.

Tip 3.

Hanging organizers with labeled days for school clothes.

Take this hanging organizer and label each shelf by day. Place your child’s school clothes in there and let your child dress themselves for school based on the day!

Tip 4.

Storage bins/storage drawers for misc goodies/toys/clothes. That pink/purple contraption above… is GREAT for storing misc. toys in my daughters closet.

Tip 5.

Organize clothes in closet from dresses, shirts… remove hardly worn clothes to make it easier for finding outfits.

Tip 6.

Awesome storage for adults? Yes!

Hanging shoe organizer’s like this make a GREAT SOLUTION for belts, scarves, leggings.

Tip 7.

You can cut the fabric organizers to whatever length you need! Great if you have something in your closet that is taking up a little space… instead of piling the organizer on top, just cut it! :)

What is your clutter-free closet tip? Do you have one to share with us? Leave a comment!

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  • Kaydee

    Thanks for reminding me I need a few of these items, just spent an hour looking and comparing some storage options. I love the big cloth bins for storing items on the top closet shelf, I keep my sweaters in one, they are perfect for flip flops, and bathing suits in another… I also keep the clear zip up bags bed sets come in, to reuse for misc blankets or sheets.

    • Jessica

      Great idea Kaydee! They are super reasonable and even cheaper in store. If you go to walmart, using the Mainstays brand is probably the cheapest and they work great for me.

      • Kaydee

        I have a Walmart right down the street so I’ll be there looking for some great deals!

  • Bex

    OMG! You just gave me the idea for how to solve my yarn storage issue. I have yarn ALL OVER MY HOUSE and now here to store it. I’m gonna get me some hanging closet organizers.


    • Jessica

      YES!!! GREAT IDEA! The shoe organizer would be perfect… or if you have tons of yarn, the larger one would work great too. Super awesome. Take pix!

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