“California Innovations: Kids H20 Lunch Pack”

Believe it or not we had a hard time trying to find a lunchbox that was just right for our son. Who knew shopping for one would be so hard. I assumed we would head to the store and just grab one but most of the ones we saw were either too small to fit any food into them or too bulky. We just needed a lunchbox that would do what a lunchbox is supposed to do, hold lunches and keep them cool. California Innovations does just that. We love the the Kids H20 Lunch Pack.

Help your child stay hydrated with the H20 Lunch Pack. The 500 ml/16.9 fl. oz. sport bottle is detachable and has an insulated wrap so kids have cool water right at their fingertips all day long.

High density thermal insulation keeps the interior cold until the lunch bell rings. There’s a padded handle for easy transport. And the H20 Lunch Pack is Ultra Safe , meaning that it is PVC free and lead safe – giving you one less thing to worry about when you send your child to school.

High density thermal insulation
Ultra Safe easy clean lining
500 ml/16.9 fl. oz. (U.S.) sport bottle with detachable, insulated wrap
Padded handle

This lunch pack is the perfect size for my sons lunch and snacks. It seriously fits everything we need to pack him a healthy lunch.

One major bonus to the lunch pack is the detachable water bottle. A juice box is not enough to keep my son hydrated throughout the school day so I am glad I can fill the bottle up with water and it will stay cool until he gets home from school. On days he is buying lunch at school, I can detach the water bottle and put it in his backpack leaving the lunch pack at home.

The Kids H20 Lunch Pack comes in 4 different designs to choose from:

California Innovations makes so many different styles lunchboxes, coolers and more and you can check them out at:

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  • Jessica on September 1, 2011

    Look at him! He is so stoked about his lunch box. LOVE this!

  • Brittany B. on September 1, 2011

    so cute! looks like a great lunch box!

  • Megan B on September 5, 2011

    I kind of want one of those for myself!


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