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Tommee Tippee Truly Spill Proof Cups

The sippy cup. The bane of my existence as a mother. I know you guys feel me on this one. My carpet is sprinkled with little spots of milk, water, whatever – that manages to leak from random sippy cups all over the place. It drives me mad. My daughter, bless her tiny adorable heart, likes to fling her sippy around without a care in the world. I can’t stop her from doing it, I’ve tried. She wants to be a big kid and do it herself, and I really don’t feel like running around behind her offering a drink every five minutes. I want to just give her the cup, and let her drink when she wants AND I want a spot free carpet. Is that too much to ask?

Every sippy I have tried, leaks. Every. One. They start out good, but by the end of day two……leaks. The little rubber flange things that are supposed to keep the fluid from leaking out don’t work. They loosen up almost immediately, and then allow drops of liquid to escape when my kid starts shakin’. She also likes to take a drink, and then chuck the cup to the side (seriously, she chucks it over her shoulder). And that means, more leaks. If I don’t see the cup laying there, then usually there’s a nice constant drip of the beverage of the day leaking from the cup until I find it. Insert a sarcastic *yay* here.

But, I may have found a better cup. Tommee Tippee (I mentioned before how much we love Tommee Tippee, right?) has an all new – leak proof – water bottle. WOOHOO!! Ok, I was skeptical at first. But, I was also intrigued. The flange on this cup is totally different from other cups I’ve come across. This one is actually more like a valve. Flange, valve whatever you wanna call it. The thingamajig that keeps the liquid inside….that thing is really cool on these new Tommee Tippee cups. I have a pic for you, but it’s kinda hard to show how it works. There’s a plastic piece and a silicone piece that fit together, and then snap into the top of the lid.

The spout is a hard, straw shaped spout. So it’s meant for older kids (about 18 months and up) but, if your little one can drink from a straw, then I’d say give these a try. My daughter started using these at 15 months and had no problems.

Another thing that makes me swoon over these cups – you can buy just a replacement valve! No need to buy all new cups IF they do start leaking! Or if you lose a piece, break something, whatever. You can just buy the valve.

More cool stuff about these cups (actually, this stuff is standard with pretty much all Tommee Tippee products)

BPA Free

Dishwasher Safe

Microwave Safe

Supports natural oral development

I’m happy to report that so far, we have had no leaks. And I am also happy to say that if we do have leaks, I’ll just buy a couple more valves and it won’t be a big deal. These are sold at Babies R Us, so you won’t have a hard time finding them! What are you waiting for? Try them out and enjoy the benefits of a less Jackson Pollock – like carpet.

*Tommee Tippee provided me the cups to review, but all opinions are my own. Your results may vary.


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  • Jessica

    Wow! These actually look really sturdy… Glad to hear that they truly do not spill! Must have.

  • Katie F.

    I love Tommee Tippee! I have used their bottles, plates, and cups and always been very happy with the quality. I’ll definitely look into these cups now that my son is ready to start sippy cups!

  • Ro Gaither Simmons

    That’s great because they’re regular cups leak all over the place!

  • Modern Day Moms

    These are the only kind I’ve tried from Tommee Tippee. So far, so good! -Rebekah

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