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5 Essentials for your New Year Workout Plan

1. A big jug of water should be on the top of your list. It’s important to stay hydrated throughout your workout process. Many of us like to start our day with coffee or tea, diuretics that strip you from fluid and that is okay, but include water alongside. Drink often.

2. Make sure you have your music set up and ready to go. Science shows that you are more productive with your activity level if you are listening to some of your favorite songs. Make a playlist of your “power songs “and set the tempo from warm up, starting intensity, middle intensity, and your cool down.

3. Make sure you have the right gear. Looking good and feeling good are both important to keeping your workout plan. If you are comfortable and feel good in a pair of running shoes sweatpants and a T-shirt then roll with it. Some people like to have specific gym clothes and pick out outfits accordingly. Just make sure that you feel good in your clothing and are able to stretch well and that you also look good to keep your positive self image high.

4. A healthy snack. Although it’s important to eat before a workout so your energy levels are high and can maintain themselves throughout your workout it is also important to have a snack for halfway through your work out, or immediately after. I like to pack a healthy protein bar. Proteins is the building block of your muscles and combined with carbohydrates can help fuel your work out and help your muscles recover. Other times I, when just focusing on cardio instead of weight training, I pack an apple, an orange, or a banana.

5. This might seem like a no-brainer but it’s essential to be present. For your workout plan to work for you, all you have to do is show up and put in the work. If you want to commit to only 30 minutes a day, only three days a week, or hitting it hard on the weekends, you must show up. You aren’t going to lose weight, build muscle, or fit into those jeans you wore in college without putting in the work. Whether you have a membership at a gym, bottle your equipment secondhand, or are just committing to dancing in your living room for an hour; make the effort to get it done. Even if you don’t feel like working out…especially then. Your mind can be your worst enemy when it comes to working out, but I’ve never heard anyone say “I sure do regret that work out”. I have heard people say “I sure do regret that cinnamon bun”.

Good luck!!!!!

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