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5 Ideas to Freshen Up Your Bedroom for 2019

When the new year begins, many of us look for ways to improve our lives and make changes for the better. Sometimes this can include improving our homes and making them more welcoming and comfortable to live in.

Our bedrooms are the most important part of our homes, as they are the only place where we can truly relax and feel comfortable. It is crucial therefore that our bedrooms are set up to be the best they can be, and somewhere where you can totally switch off from the world when needs be.

If you are keen to give your bedroom a little update for the new year, then read on to find some inspiration in this article!


Before you even embark on improving your bedroom, one thing that probably most people will take not from is to de-clutter. Many of us have items in our room that are no longer useful to us, which take up space and that will likely never be used again.

After reading this article, take a good look at your room and what’s in it. Create a list of things and work out when you last used them, do they really serve you or would they be better off in the trash?

Add More Light

Many people don’t realize that having more lights in a room can actually make it look bigger and also cleaner at the same time. You can invest in natural light lamps which will help improve your mood at the same time. Adding some quirky decorative lights can also make the room look more individual, and cosy.

Use Diffusers

The smell of a room can make all the difference, and if you want to keep your room fresh, then diffusers might help improve the overall atmosphere. If you want your room to be more welcoming, then a nice fresh diffuser will be a good investment to make. You can find so many different scents, and one you find one that you like, you will never want to leave your happy place again!

Decorate Your Walls

Sometimes a little decoration can go a long way. If you want a fresh look, perhaps look for some new tapestries or hang a few photos up to give the room more of a homely feel. This can take a room from simple to cosy in an instant!

Invest in a New Mattress

Have you had your mattress for a long time? Or perhaps you are looking for a better sleep? It is well-known that changing your mattress every so often can help improve not only the look of the room but also your sleeping pattern. Whether you seek a double size mattress or a single, finding a new match will definitely update your bedroom!

Update Your Sheets

Similar to buying a new mattress, new sheets can also make a room look a lot fresher. There are so many different styles to choose from, and with a new year on the way, maybe a change in bed sheets is also good! This will give you a boost every time you go into the room as you see a new design, and it will make you appreciate your bed a lot more.

So there you have it! A few ideas you can consider when it comes to updating your room for the new year. What do you think would best improve your bedroom?



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