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14 At-Home Date Night Ideas (For When The Kids Are In Bed)

When was the last time you and your significant other went on a date? Even if you have a reliable and trustworthy babysitter, it can be hard to find the time or extra funds to commit to those monthly dates; and there’s no denying that time spent together is precious and hard to come by.

Thankfully, there are many ways we can still keep date night in motion, and even better; you can do them in your own home! So, after the kids go to bed, keep your love life alive with these awesome date night suggestions.

Candlelight Dinner

For the ultimate romantic evening, dim the lights and spark some candles. Together, you and your partner can make a delicious dinner and enjoy it in a romantic setting.

Board Game

If you’re into board games, this is a fun way to reconnect! Even if they’re not your favorite thing in the world, playing against your spouse definitely adds a layer of excitement.

Who knows maybe you can even turn it into a strip-board game…

Plan A Vacation

We tend to daydream about travel and seeing new destinations; but why not act on it. Write a list of a few places you’d like to visit; then research ways to make it happen.

Outdoor Movie

Plug in the projector screen and head out under the stars. With the use of some comfy blankets and good snacks, you can create your own drive-in movie in your own backyard.

Roast S’mores

Although we’re used to roasting s’mores with our kids, there’s something special about sitting outside with your partner and creating a treat for yourself or each other.

It’s a nice way to enjoy the peace and quiet while indulging in the simple joys of roasted flavors of s’mores.

Nightcap Tasting

If you and your spouse are into beverage tasting; this is the one for you. To create your own tasting party, head to your local liquor store and have them help you choose a few newfound favorites.

After the kiddos go to bed, set up a few sipping glasses alongside some good snacks, and have a nice cozy tasting party.

Create A Bucket List

Since having kids, have either one of you really taken a look at your bucket list? This is a fun way to see what each other’s hopes and dreams are.

Not to mention an awesome guide for future travel plans and date nights.

Go Stargazing

Look no further than to the sky! Head into your backyard with some blankets and pillows and cuddle up at your gaze at the stars.

Take-Out Movie

Here’s the ultimate comfort eating duo. Put on some movies and indulge in your favorite take-out food! If your favorite restaurant delivers; that’s even better!

Cuddle up, unwind and enjoy your food without worrying about the dishes.

Travel Theme Night

Have you wanted to travel somewhere, or possibly revisit a place you’ve seen before? By having a travel theme night, you can create a slice of that desire. Accent your home with culture from your chosen destination. For example; if it’s Italy you’re dreaming of, turn on some Italian music alongside your preferred pasta dinner. Then follow it up with an Italian movie and some gelato.

Book Club For Two

If you are your partner love reading or want to spend more time doing so; this is a great option. To host a book club for two, check out two of the same books and read them either together or on your own. When you’ve both completed the book, discuss it at your book club.

Get Bubbly

Bubble bath for two, anyone? This is a nice way to unwind and get all up close and personal after a long day. Not to mention, it’s a great way to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

DIY Wine and Paint Night

This has become increasingly popular over the years. Thankfully, it can be easily recreated in the comfort of our home; and it’s easy to do! Simply, set up some canvas, paints, and bottle of wine; and you’re good to go.

Choose a photo or painting you both like and see how close you can get to the original.

Create A Memory Book

Although we hold so many awesome memories in our minds, it’s always fun to share them out loud. Not to mention this is a wonderful way to reconnect with your significant other. Gather some crafting supplies and create a memory book of stories and photos.

Not only will this be a beautiful keepsake for years to come, but your children will love looking through it as well.

Date nights should never be taken for granted. They’re these wonderful moments that help us reconnect and help strengthen our bond. Thankfully, there are many options that we can do in our own home- and without a babysitter!




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