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It’s a New Year! Here are 6 Tips to Start Cleaning Your House!

We are now entering a brand new year! 2019 came super fast. With the New Year comes many different resolutions- whether it be a new health kick, workouts, less shopping there is plenty to do with the new year. The holidays that come right before the New Year tend to come along with a lot of new toys and gifts for the kiddos.

I know that sometimes I forget to clear out my son’s toys, leaving his playroom to become cluttered with more toys than he plays with/ needs. Well, below are six tips that can help you declutter your children’s playroom and toy collection.

Do not let your child see that you are cleaning out their toy collection/playroom.

With a lot of things and children, if something is out of sight it definitely becomes out of mind. So, if one of your children is around as you are digging through their old toy box that will probably mean all of a sudden the old baby teething toy is your toddler’s favorite thing now. If this is an issue that you may have encountered in the past, then it is probably for everyone’s best interest that you slowly start to go through your child’s toys while they are either napping or not home.

I know it can be hard to “get rid of” your children’s toys, but decluttering is good! It makes the New Year fresh, just in time for the children to start accumulating a new collection of toys.

If you want your kids to help you with the task of cleaning out their toys, then make sure you are being practical- give your child a reason for clearing out the playroom/ toy box.

We all totally understand how hard it can be to let things go- even as adults! Imagine being a toddler or young child and not exactly understanding why someone is getting rid of something. One day it is there and one day it is gone! And sometimes the stuff that was once outgrown seems amazing and so new, so why would you be getting rid of it? All you can do as a parent is to try and explain it the best you can.

Give your child a reason for why you are decluttering. Help them understand that their toys will be given to another child to have fun and play with. Explain the difference between “needs” and “wants.” Explain how they are too big for this toy or that toy. Try to keep it a positive experience rather than making it a “sad” thing that your child is “giving up” their old toys.


Chose a charitable organization to donate your child’s old toys to

The last thing you should do it just throw away old toys. Do a little research and see which charitable organizations take used children’s toys in the area. Make sure to clean the toys and pack them up nicely before you donate them. Also, when sorting through the old toys, make sure that you do not donate anything that it too beat up. Have good judgment when deciding to put a toy in the “donate” box or in the “throw away” box.

Kid’s toys are resilient but there is also a lot of wear and tear that comes along also. When separating the toys, think of it as whether or not you would want your own kids playing with the toys! There is nothing better than giving a toy that brought your child so much joy the same joy to another child.


Let your child help clean the toys before packing them up to donate.

After making your children excited about donating their toys to another child, have them help you out with the cleaning! Toddlers especially like to help out around the house, as is, so why not take advantage of that? Have your child help make these old toys good as new for another young child to enjoy.

This is a great time to help teach your child the gift of giving to others who are less fortunate. It also gives them the opportunity to learn responsibility. Make sure they know to always take care of their belongings.

Before setting up for a garage sale, ask friends and family members who have kids around the same age if they would like to take a look at your separated toy collection.

I love to know that my son’s old toys will not just be sitting in a landfill somewhere. Toys can last forever if they are taken care of. Baby stuff and toys get expensive, so, why not call up your friends who have younger kids, or kids the same age and have them come over to take a look at all of the stuff you are wanting to clear out of the house!

If you are not ready to “let go” of old toys, then just box them up!

It is totally understandable if you do not want to get rid of your children’s old toys! But, it is also good to declutter-, especially after the new year. All you have to do is to clean up the old toys and box them up.

This is nice to do especially when your child is growing out of old toys but you may want to keep the younger stuff together for future children.

Cleaning the house is a good thing! Sure it can be sad to go through your growing kiddos toys and clothing, but it is totally a healthy thing to do. Decluttering and organizing is a great way to kick off the new year! Out with the old and in with the new. Enjoy your little on growing bigger and older, it is full of new and exciting stages of life!



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