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The Best Foods to Eat While Breastfeeding

Everyone has their own school of thought on this. From doctors to lactation specialists to even your next door neighbor. The truth is, while some foods can help certain moms stop colic or cause it, it really depends on their body chemistry and other factors.

As far as getting nutrients to the baby that they need there is no debate that these foods are the best for breastfeeding moms to feast on. These foods will enhance the nutrients your little one gets helping them grow big, strong and smart. Who could ask for anything else?


Oatmeal is one of the best things a mom who is breastfeeding can eat. There are several reasons for this, but the main reasons are because it’s full of fiber that’s great for the baby and also keeps you full longer. The fiber not only keeps you full longer but helps stabilize your blood sugar which we are learning has a lot to do with your milk production as well as milk nutrients.

Plus, oatmeal is super fun to dress up. It doesn’t have to be boring. You can add fruit to it or other creative ingredients.


Eggs are a great item to eat because they are high in protein. They are filled with tons of amino acids that your child needs for things like hair, fingernails, and muscles. Aside from all that eggs also have choline that helps with the development and immune system of your child. Now don’t eggs sound like an eggcelent idea?


The avocado was a huge trendy super food a few years ago and for quite a few reasons. It has fiber, folate, and protein. All things your developing and growing baby needs! It’s also a nutrient booster that helps you absorb vital vitamins. So, not only is it filled with nutrients but it helps you retain more of those nutrients as well.

The good fats in avocados also help with blood sugar stabilization. Again, this is important for milk production and nutrients in the milk itself. Pretty neat. Go grab some guacamole!



Yogurt is another food you should be eating while breastfeeding. Why yogurt? Well simply put probiotics. The probiotics aren’t just good for your digestive tract, but also the tract of your little one. By eating yogurt you’re giving them some good cultures that won’t only help their immune system, but calm their gut. Meaning this one could actually help with colic as well.

Again it doesn’t always work for everyone, but a good majority will find colic ease by eating yogurt. Plus, you could always mix this one with the oatmeal for a delicious and nutritious meal that your baby’s development will thank you for.


Milk, while it may sound redundant given the subject, is actually really good for both breast milk production and the nutrients within. Don’t believe me or take my word for it? Listen to a professional. Elizabeth Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, “Milk contains essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin D, potassium, and vitamin A that are great for not only your health but the health of your baby, too.”


Salmon is another superfood that’s perfect to eat while you’re breastfeeding. I know you probably avoided fish when you were pregnant, but fish is actually something that’s not only good for you but good for your baby as well. For one thing, the fatty acids convert to DHA which is exactly what your baby needs for their brain to develop well. So, if you want a super brainy child you should be eating loads of salmon.

Most professionals recommend eating it twice a week at minimum. The more you eat the better you and your baby will be. So, go ahead and jump into the sea! Or simply go to the market and get yourself some wild salmon.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is also amazing food for breastfeeding nutrients and for the production of milk. The reason it helps with production is the prolactin brown rice releases. This is because the fiber in brown rice not only stabilizes sugar levels but also boosts serotonin levels creating more prolactin. It also gives your baby lot of key nutrients through fiber and serotonin that your child needs to properly develop.

There are tons of foods out there that are wonderful for you and your growing child. These are just some of the top foods that doctors and lactation specialists recommend you eat for better breastmilk production and for better nutrients within your breast milk.



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