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20 Adrenaline-Filled Ways To Spend The Holidays For The Adventure Loving Family

Every year comes with new memories, and each holiday season is a time to play out family traditions. While some families find their joy, bundled up around a fireplace; others seek heart-pumping adventure. The good thing is, not all opportunities for adrenaline take place over summer break. If anything, there’s a lot more during the winter than you’d think!

If your family thrives on adventure and is always seeking new ways to fuel that adrenaline rush, you’ll be glad to explore some holiday options.

So get your bags ready and your winter gear in order; this list will help you find what you’ve been seeking!

Explore National Parks In The Grand Circle

There’s so much to see within every national park; the Grand Circle puts you in arm’s reach of at least 3! Here, you’ll find; Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce in arm’s reach. So if your family is a fan of sightseeing, this is the ultimate treat. Get a park pass for full access; they’re good for a year!



Cross Country Skiing At Lake Placid

New York

Gear up and head out. Because nothing quite like the views and quality of silence that comes with cross-country skiing. And Lake Placid offers world-class options! So, load up that thermos with hot cocoa, and get ready for a holiday to remember.

Rent A Tiny Home-

Austin, TX

Tiny homes are all the rage right now. And it’s no wonder; they’re unique, full of character and well, tiny. Austin’s Original Tiny Home Hotel is one of a kind. So if your family wants to spend time together in close, intimate quarters; this may be your winner.

Take A Mountain Adventure To Granite Hot Springs

Grand Teton, WY

Not only is soaking in the hot springs a great way to unwind from the holiday craziness but is the perfect way to relax with your family. Take a snowmobile to this hot-spot and you’ll be surrounded by mountains.

Dodge Cacti On The Black Canyon Trail-


Take a family backpacking trip! Because even during winter, there are many options- especially in Arizona. So grab your gear and hit the trails. You’ll find there are options for everyone.

Book A Getaway Flight To Vegas

Vegas may not be the first place you think of for a family vacation– but once you realize all it has to offer, you’ll be on a plane. From swinging acrobats to gondola rides; there’s loads of variety. You’ll see roaring-fast coasters not only moving in and out of buildings; but literally on top of them! So whether you have family a click away from meeting you there; or just your household traveling- you’re guaranteed to have a good time.


Dog Sledding Jackson Hole-


For the ultimate rush, this is a fun-filled option. Jackson Hole offers dashing-fast dog sledding and it’s a wild ride! Now, talk about a unique way to play in the snow!

Shred The Slopes-


Hit the slopes and shred those mountain tops! Because a ski trip is the ultimate family getaway, and Breck is a must see. Outside of the ski scene, you’ll find interactive art and ice sculptures taking over the town! Not only that, but they build a yearly ice castle that will light up the night.


Swim Under Waterfalls In Hawaii

Leave your snow gear at home and head to warmer weather! In order to find soul-soothing waterfalls, you’ll hike through forests and cross rustic bridges. Now, that’s a trip to remember!

Snowshoeing In Sun Valley

Even the littlest kids can enjoy snowshoeing. And with this scenery, everyone will love it! You have the option of choosing your own level, which is perfect for the whole family.


Go Ice Skating On Evergreen Lake


This natural rink is over 40 acres and completely surrounded by pine trees and mountains! And because there ‘s plenty of room, it’s meant for all levels! So lace up those skates and hit the ice!


Pitch A Tent At The Great Sand Dunes-


Not all places are too cold to set up a tent. And this spot comes with jaw-dropping views. Zapata Falls Campground is 7 miles from the park. You’ll be camping out under the stars at night and sledding down magical dunes during the day.

Cross Off Your Bucket List

Does your family have an ultimate bucket list? If so, the holidays are a great time to check one of the boxes. It’s a family gift that automatically creates memories.

Snow Ziplining

Sundance, Utah

Soar through the snow like never before! You’ll pass through the mountains, and over trees. So if you’re looking for high speeds at exaggerated heights; zip lining is a sure win.

Go Rafting On The Colorado River

If you just can’t keep away from rapid waters and rocking waves, look into rafting. The crisp air brings a unique character to any rafting lover-Especially on the Colorado River.


Take A Road Trip

Hitting the road is a great option for families who are seeking adventure, but don’t want to stay put. Choose a special destination, or plan your trip around a pretty route. Pack some snacks and turn up the jams!


Explore Lake Powell On A Houseboat

These boats take you through otherworldly rock formations and turquoise waters. Of course, you’ll still be able to cozy up with your family’s yearly traditions, but this time; in a boat with magical views.

Take A Helicopter Tour In Sedona

Do you feel like reaching new heights this season? If so, head to Sedona and get up close and personal with those majestic red rocks and mysterious canyons!

Scale Rocks In Moab

There’s no doubt rock climbing feeds adrenaline. And when you’re in the middle of a destination that looks like Mars, it’ll really make your heart pump. So chalk up those hands and stretch those fingers, and get ready for some family climbing!

Go Ice Fishing In Alaska

An adrenaline rush of its own; ice fishing is a way to bundle up and gather together. And the excitement will unravel anytime you catch a fish, and by the beauties of surrounding glaciers.

There’s something special about going on adventures during the winter time. So enjoy creating new memories and doubling up on the hot cocoa this holiday season!



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