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Blessingway: A Nurturing Alternative to a Baby Shower

Bringing a baby into the world is life changing, and being pregnant is the catalyst into Motherhood. The moments we experience throughout the process are undeniably unique and special. It’s no wonder one of the biggest joys of pregnancy, is sharing a celebration to honor this transition. Although baby showers have been a long time, go-to, when it comes to choosing a way to celebrate, there is an ancient ceremony that is making itself better-known in the modern day world. If you have never heard of a Blessingway, now is the perfect time to learn more.

A Blessingway (Mother’s Blessing) is a deep-rooted Navajo tradition, in which celebrates a woman’s rite of passage into Motherhood. Baby showers have a strong focus on celebrating the child and are now becoming co-ed to celebrate the fathers as well. Where-as a Blessingway is solely intended to nurture, honor, uplift and empower the mother-to-be. It is a ceremony to celebrate, that not only a child is being born, but a mother is as well. This is an intimate celebration where the mother is surrounded by the closest circle of women in her life, who will provide strength, pampering, and blessings for a healthy pregnancy and birth. It is a sure way to build up the mother’s confidence, and ease her mind as she prepares her body for the journey that lays ahead. Depending on the mother-to-be, the type of gift offers can differ based off of her own authenticity. Rather than searching for a present at a baby store, grounding gifts such as flowers, rocks, and beads can be expected to find. A Blessingway can be prepared by a midwife, doula, or simply anyone who is of importance to the mother. The gift offerings are typically used during the Blessingway itself to provide both symbolism and services, to adorn and show love, for the soon-to-be mother. If this type of atmosphere sounds like something you would like as your way of celebration, or if you are hosting a special gathering for a mom-to-be, here are a few good examples and ideas of what you an experience during a modern-day Blessingway.

Rock Art

Whether a rock or stone is your gift offering or part of the ceremony you will attend, rock art is a calm craft that can be become a bonding event. This can vary from painting Mandalas and images of birth to writing inspiring and motivational words for the mother to read as her labor comes closer. It is something meaningful to hold onto throughout life after pregnancy as well.

Belly Casting and Henna

Non-toxic belly cast kits are widely available and are a great way to capture what the pregnant body looks like. During the gathering, guests can wrap the mama’s belly and either leave it as is or create some beautiful birthing artwork after it is dry. Keepsakes like this are unique and can grow appreciation as the years pass by. Painting the body with henna is a creative ritual that allows the mother to express herself in a visual way. Whichever image she chooses can hold deep meaning and can give the symbolism of protection, strength, self-love, among many other expressions. Henna can also be mixed with pregnancy safe essential oils, which adds to a relaxing and refreshing experience.

Massage and Floral Foot Soak

Gifting can come in other forms, such as the gift of touch. Massages can be given to the mother-to-be during the ceremony. Carrying a baby is beautiful, but can also be tiring on the body. Helping ease tension and relaxing her body through massage is a perfect way to show appreciation and comfort. Create a personal foot soak, by gathering warm water. Adding fresh flowers and pregnancy safe essential oils is a thoughtful way to add a special soak and a perfect way to pamper.

Birthing Necklace

A birthing necklace is intended for the mother to wear during labor and is a symbol for positive energy. Each woman brings a bead that is looped onto a string to form this special necklace. If there are friends or family members out of town, they can simply send one to be added. Each bead is given with a blessing or intention in mind to provide strength, support, comfort, and love during, before, during and after the birth.

Pregnancy holds so much magic on its own. When you participate in a gathering that is overflowing with love and admiration for the expecting mother, you can turn the key and unlock a door to another world of magic. It is such a special time in life, and a woman should be celebrated for the creation that is being made inside of her, and for who she is becoming. And what better way to do this, than a Blessingway.



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