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Keep Winter Break Fun With These 21 Frugal Ideas!

As the holidays creep up, we are reminded that Winter Break is just around the corner. As parents, we tend to feel this bittersweet sensation. We ‘re glad to have our kids home, but then we realize that’s a lot of time to fill up with activities!

Thankfully, kids are entertained more easily than we think. Not only that; but there are more options than we initially realize. The best part, they’re all right under our nose. So take a peek at these 21 fun ways to spend winter break with your kiddos this year, and enjoy!

Host A Cookie And Hot Cocoa Party

Hosting a cookie and hot cocoa party is simple and fun! Invite a few neighbors and friends over for the evening. Supply some hot cocoa and ask everyone to bake a dozen cookies to share. This is the perfect recipe for a laid-back gathering!

Build An Outdoor Snow Room

We’ve all seen outdoor patio furniture. But have you seen it made out of snow? Use snow to create some fun shapes into chairs and couches. You can even build a fireplace out of snow and place a few candles inside!

Take A Day Trip

Feel like getting out of town for the day? Find a destination, even in it’s somewhere nearby and explore a new town for the day! This is especially fun after the snow has fallen; it can almost feel as if you’re in an entirely new world.

Teach Them About Arctic Animals

Kids love animals. So, what better time is there to teach them about arctic animals than in the winter!

Have A Holiday Movie Marathon

Every winter break needs a movie-a-thon. Pick a few winter classics, pop some popcorn and get cozy in the couch. Sometimes downtime together is the best time.

Craft Gift Boxes For Other Kids In The Neighborhood

Spend some time making gifts for other kiddos. You can fill small boxes with coloring books or fun goodies in the $1 section at Target. It’s fun giving to others, even if it’s something little; and, of course, the local kiddos will be thrilled.


Find a local business or shelter that is offering volunteer work. During the winter, there are many ongoing opportunities and is also a great way to bond.

Take A Noted Nature Walk

Talk a conscious walk outside. Note how the trees and grass look during this season vs. other seasons. Ask your kids what other things they notice about nature that are different during winter.

Make a Coloring Book About It

After your nature walk, staple or thread together blank paper with yarn. Let them go wild with creating their own coloring book about winter.

Holiday Library Scavenger Hunt

Some kids love the library; others may not. But if you create an interactive scavenger hunt, it becomes more fun! For example, have them find books that have “Snow” in the title. Or books that are red; etc… Who knows, if they complete the list, maybe they’ll even get a hot chocolate in the end!

Check Out Local Plays

If there’s a local theatre nearby, scoop up some tickets and head to the play. Kids will have a blast getting dressed up and seeing live entertainment.

Have A Date Day

Everyone loves a date. But a date with your kiddo is extra special. Just spend some time doing something extra special you both enjoy.

Camp Out Indoors

Put up a tent or build a fort indoors. Because baby, it’s cold outside! Make some makeshift s’mores and bundle up for indoor camping.

Family Talent Show

Host your own talent show! Let your kids, and yes-even the parents, create their own skits. This is a fun way to think outside the box and have some fun.

Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt

Do you know of a neighborhood that has some excellent holiday lights? Hop in the car and go check them out. It’s still a way to get out after dark but lets your eyes be intrigued by the variety of lights.

Game Night

Who can go wrong with a classic game night? What a fun way to gather around the table and have some fun. Plus, it’s always great to see your kids reactions along the way.

Make Homemade Playdough

Homemade play dough is a sure way to pass the time. And because it’s really not that messy, it’s worth any little mess it might create.

Create A Snow Journal

Grab a microscope and head outside. Next, have them sketch the tiny details they notice in each snowflake. This is a great way for them to see how each one is different.

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is a blast. And whether it’s indoors or outdoors, it’s a good way to get moving and spend time together. Because once those hearts get pumping, the laughter will start rolling.

Sled The Day Away

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like a good day on the hill! Grab those sleds and head out the door! Because Sledding is obviously fun for the little ones, but it also brings out the child in adults as well.

Attend Local Events


More than likely, your town is full of holiday events. Be sure to check out what’s going on and you might be surprised just how much they have to offer!

You’ll have fun creating some great memories with your kiddos; so be sure to have some fun along the way!




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