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7 Ways To Improve Your Santa Skills On Christmas Eve

Parents, cover those kiddo’s eyes and ears- this one’s strictly for you! Okay, now that we’ve got that important part covered, let’s get down to business. And by business, I mean- the fun stuff.

Yes, it’s true; the holiday season can tend to take a toll on us. The rushing around, the checking the lists and checking it twice… maybe three times. You understand, after all the school performances, holiday parties, and house decorating, it can be tiring. We’ve all felt it as some point, so don’t worry we can now set that aside. Because there’s something about Christmas Eve that sparks that holiday energy back to life.

Who knows, maybe that newfound energy has something to do with that hopeful twinkle in your children’s eye on Christmas Eve. Or the mixture of both calmness and excitement that settles in that night and makes all that holiday stress disappear. It’s also possible someone made a really good batch of eggnog and your spirits are under their own type of mistletoe. In any case, there’s something about the moments after the kids go to sleep on Christmas Eve, that just feels awesome.

Not only is the sound of silence a gift of its own after a busy holiday season, but it’s also in those moments we become Santa. It’s our time to feed our children’s imaginations and fulfill their holiday curiosities even more. If your kids are full-on Santa fans, get ready to make their eyes light up a bit extra on Christmas morning. And even for the kiddos who are a bit older and pretty much already know the real deal, they’ll still enjoy the extra effort.

So, for us late night Santas; here are a few ideas that can really improve your skills for the reveal of Christmas morning. And hey, you might even have some of your own fun along the way.

Santa Footprints

Aw man, don’t you just hate it when Santa drags snow and dirt through the house? Yeah, it happens. But the kids will really love seeing this first thing in the morning!

A very simple way to create Santa Prints is to make a little combination of Epsom salt and sugar, then lightly sprinkling it into the shape of faint footprints, or walk through it yourself. It creates a little bit of that natural magical sparkle.



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