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These Chore Charts Will Have Your Kids Asking For Chores!

Getting kids to do their chores can sometimes feel like pulling teeth. While it’s all about balance and learning to teach them responsibility along the way; it’s never fun when it causes tension. So, rather than making chores sound like they’re some horrible punishment, turn it into an activity.

Since it’s something they need to do either way you might as well make it a pleasant experience. Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if it turned into something they actually wanted to do? Well, these awesome chore charts will definitely spark the motivation in order to get them done.

Who knows, with the right approach, the struggle of chores might be a thing of the past and become something kids actually enjoy doing. Or maybe not. Either way, it’s worth a shot!

Race Car Track Chart

If your child loves cars, this will awaken any desire to get those chores done! To make this, create a track with a variety of chores along the way. Each time they complete a chore, they’ll get to move the race car closer to the finish line.

Picture Credit: CraftyErin

Lucky Spin Chart

Step right up and take your lucky spin! Turn chores into a spinning game. Each kiddo will get their turn to spin the wheel. Whatever they land on, will be their chores for the day.

Pull The Straw

Which straw will they pull? The anticipation will rise as they hope to pick the best one. Either way, the chores need to be completed; so, pulling the straw will show them what their task is for the day.

You can also do this by using tongue depressors or popsicle sticks.

Rating System

First, create a total number of points your child needs to achieve. This can be a daily number, weekly or monthly- whichever you prefer. Then create a point system, so whenever they hit the goal, there’s some sort of reward involved.

Lastly, rate each chore with a certain amount of points. It will all be tallied up as they go, which will spark motivation to hit that endpoint goal!

It’s a Bucket Load

Making chore buckets can actually be quite fun. Each box will have its own supplies to complete the chores. Whichever bucket your kiddo gets for the day, is their daily task.

Chore Magnets

These chore magnets are awesome. You can make your own or order some online. Each magnet will have a certain chore on them; along with a dollar amount… whether it’s a quarter or a dollar, it all adds up.

As your kids complete their tasks, they can place all their magnets in a designated spot and tally up their amount.

Tic-Tac-Toe Chart

Children love playing tic-tac-toe! This is a really fun way to cross off those chores. Create a tic-tac-toe board, and write a different chore in each box. As they complete the chore, they can place an X, or O on the spot.

Of course, anyone who gets 3 in a row first; wins!

Mailbox Chores

“You’ve got chores!” Place a little mailbox somewhere inside your home. Then create little letters. Rather than these being words from a pen pal, they’ll deliver yours kiddo’s chores for the day.

Kids love getting mail, and even though it might not be exactly what they have in mind, it will create a fun atmosphere.

On a Mission Chart

Can you complete the mission? Rather than titling it as a “chore chart”, have your kids complete their daily mission. If they have a sense of adventure and determination, they’ll be anxious to mark off each box until their mission is complete!

Clothespin Swap Chart

For this, separate a chart into two categories; “To Do”, and “Done.” Write the names of different chores on the clothespins and place them on the To Do side. As your child completes them, they simply switch the pins to the opposite side.

This can help your children work on their responsibility skills as well as honing their memory as they go back to switch the clothespins after every task.

Mason Jar Money Chart

If your kiddo is always looking for financial incentive, this is a great idea. Create sections of chores, then place mason jars under each category. Every time they finish the chores, put a certain amount of coins into each jar.

They’ll want to complete more and more in order to fill those jars up!

Work For Hire

Here’s another one for the money reward lover! You know those signs we often pass, that have a description of their business and little slips of paper that allows you to take their phone number? Well, this is a similar idea. But rather than information, it has a dollar attached to a category of chores.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I would definitely jump on that incentive!

So, rather than making chores a constant battle, create some playfulness in order to spark their motivation. Not only will they complete their chores with less resistance, but they may also actually enjoy the process a little more!




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