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Must-Have Holiday Toys You Probably Didn’t Think Of

Now that we are knee-deep in holiday preparations, I thought I would share with you two amazing toy ideas that just ran across my inbox in case you need a little inspiration. Check out the coupon codes below each toy as well. Win/win.

Double Ditto – Family Party Award-Winning Board Game

Double Ditto is a fun board game for the whole family. Pick a card, read it out loud, and then quickly write down 2 answers you think other players will also write. Laugh or cry as you discover whether you were able to match any answers with other players. Find out whose mind is in sync with yours. It may not be who you expect!

Easy to learn, you can begin playing right away. Answers can be as creative as player’s desire, making this game customizable for any gathering of family, friends, co-workers, and more.

This is the perfect party game for all sorts of occasions, like family night, birthday parties, holiday gatherings, vacations, etc. Answer topic cards such as: “Foods That are Slimy,” “Things Found in a Glovebox” and “Hobbies for Rich People.” You can buy Double Ditto on Amazon.

Get 20% off Double Ditto with code MODERN20 at checkout.

Tot Tube Playset – Toy Car and Ball Tunnel Ramp Race Track

Children will love racing cars and balls down the tunnel track of the unique Tot Tube. This will provide hours of fun and enjoyment for the littles. This tube fits almost any brand of toy car (Matchbox, Hot wheels, Little People, etc) or a small toy ball. You can prop up the tube against a couch or chair. It has a transparent middle piece which allows your kids to watch the cars race through. Comes apart in three pieces for easy storage. Put together, it is 45 in long.

Sets up in a flash! No screws or tools needed or complicated instructions. No batteries required, no flashing lights, or annoying sound effects.

You can also get 20% off Tot Tube with code MOMOFF20 at checkout.


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