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DIY Fabric Covered Light Plate And Letter

We are in the middle of getting stuff together for the walls of our new nursery. We decided to make a comic book theme and I was finding it hard to find stuff that wasn’t really collectors items and such. I decided to make our own. It was really quite simple. Here is how I covered my light switch plate and giant letter with fabric.

Supplies you will need:
fabric of your choice
collage glue
paint brush
knife or scissors
screw driver-just to remove your light plate
light plate


Step 1:
Place your plate on the fabric and trace it making sure you mark where the opening for the switch is and where the screw holes are. Super important to make sure if you have a pattern you place it accordingly.


Step 2:
Measure and mark about a half inch around your original line. Cut that out.

Personally I find it easier to fold the corners if you make a small slit about halfway up your fabric. It will also make it easier if you need to trim your edges. I also have a picture of how I cut the spot where the switch itself will go through. Make sure you make a slit for the switch and the screws before you put your glue on.



Step 3:
Cover the back of your fabric with glue. Also make sure to brush the edges of your light plate as well.





Step 4:
Fold your edges over and let it dry. It’s that simple!






When it comes to giant (or small) letters the process is the same. Trace, glue, fold edges. Just make sure when you are making curved edges you make you pleat (pinch) the fabric together, this will make it smoother. After they dry you can trim them down of need be.


After they dry you can put them on the walls. You can cover other stuff with fabric too. Picture frames, dresser drawers. It’s really easier than you think.

Amanda R.

I spend all of my time being a domestic engineer. I am lucky enough to stay home but am busy raising (almost) 3 littles and a husband, which isn’t easy. I am an art school graduate who loves to, during the free time I do have, sew, craft with my littles, bake and garden.




  • Chela

    I really love this idea… I can’t wait to see more stuff from you…

  • Paulette

    Very creative ideas!!

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