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Oh, how we all have dreamt of meeting our “Dream Man” one day. I know no one is perfect but I am here to tell you that I have been blessed with an amazing man who, most likely, isn’t who you are thinking he will be. He is not your typical “man”, he is not a “manly” man or a businessman, and you probably would not pick him to be the magical Knight in Shining Armor who saves you from a castle. He is definitely on the shorter side, and he has one of those super cute baby faces- you know, one of those that you just want to squeeze his cheeks and smile at (but he doesn’t know that’s what I think of his cute little face, of course!)… My “perfect” man has all the qualities I could hope and dream of and I can’t wait to tell you the small gestures he does that truly mean the world to me. I am not going to lie, he still has a lot of learning and growing to do, but we all do. He is my Prince!

He runs to hold the door open for me.

He picks me flowers every chance he gets, and I am continuously surprised.

He grabs my face with both hands, looks into my eyes, and kisses me.

He notices when I dress up, and even on the days I am not feeling to sure of myself, he looks at me and tells me how pretty I am.

He knows the exact moment that I need a little hug and seems to be able to tell me exactly what I need to hear.

We have our fair share of hard days, but we are always very open with each other and can talk through them.

He helps me make dinner after having a long day.

He offers to take out the trash.

He makes cleaning the house less of a chore and instead, it becomes something fun we can do together.

He betters me by reminding me what is important in life- he keeps me young. We grow together.


Well, this “perfect” man happens to be my son.

He has learned to hold the door for me, saying “I got it, I got it! Ladies first!”, in his little toddler voice.

He picks me flowers on our evening walks, or walks through the woods at our cabin, saying “Here you go, Mama”, and I am surprised every time.

He grabs my face, and looking at me says: “Mama, I’m happy”, and slaps a big kiss on my face.

He notices when I dress up, and even on the days I have not been feeling too sure of myself, he looks up to me and says randomly, “Mama pretty”, in his heart-melting, giggly voice.

He knows the exact moment I need a little hug, he starts to sing together: “I love you, you love me…”, and I join in.

We deal with our fair share of time-outs and hard days, but in the end, we are able to calm down and talk about the difference between right and wrong- we communicate and learn from it (as best as I can with a toddler).

He asks me to pick him up and put him on the counter so he can “help” me make dinner.

He offers to help me throw things away and take out the trash.

He makes cleaning the house fun for me, as we start picking up he starts singing: “Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere…”, and happily grabs his play broom and mop as I begin cleaning.

He betters me by reminding me what is important in life- he keeps me young. We grow together and I get to shape him into the man he will become one day.

He may be small, and I know I am his world- but little does he know, he is my world. All these little gestures let me know, that through this whole crazy thing we call parenting, I am doing something right. My father taught me how a man should treat me and now it’s my turn to pass that knowledge down to my son.

A note to you beautiful, mama:

Don’t let chivalry die. Teach your boys to be gentlemen, show them how to be the kind of man every woman deserves. And do not forget to teach your daughters that they don’t deserve anything less than a man who treats them like a princess.

(And for all you guys out there reading, take note! If my two- year- old son can do it so can you!)



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