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20 Gift Exchange Themes You’ll Want At Your Holiday Party


At any holiday party, one thing most people can agree on, is the fact gift exchanges are fun. Whether it’s a Bad or Secret Santa, White Elephant, or whichever clever name you decide; it’s definitely entertaining.

I’m not sure anyone has ever said the words, “Oh, I really wish I didn’t have to do this gift exchange…”

But if you have, then maybe picking out a specific theme can add in the extra spunk you’ve been looking for.

This year, instead of having a free-for-all gift exchange; pick a theme. It’s a good way to keep it fresh and funny and has the ability to shake any distaste from past Scrooges.

Pulling a name out of a hat provides a fun mysterious feeling which stirs up child-like excitement. And depending on how much you know about the person you get, you can really have a lot of fun with it.

Adding in a theme, however, really bumps up the fun factor. So for you, and all your party hosting ideas, here are 20 ways you can add variety in your gift exchange. Have fun with it while it creates a little extra character at your next holiday party.

Bookworms Dreams

A book exchange is simple, yet so diverse. With the many different genres out there, it’s hard to go wrong. You have the option to re-gift an old book, buy one used, or start exploring on Amazon.

Game Night In The Making

So many friends, so many games. After the holidays, you can even start; or add to, a game night tradition. It seems like board and card games are often overlooked, but they’re definitely making comeback. In this case, a game gift exchange would be the perfect culprit.

Things You Really Don’t Need

Really though, I will never, ever need that… Which is the exact reaction you want for this gift exchange! The gifts have the chance to be pretty funny, depending on what you choose.

Things You’ll Always Need

There’s a lot of items you actually do need on a daily basis. This exchange leaves a lot of room to be creative, thoughtful, and funny; while picking out the perfect gift that people actually need.

Items Of Hygiene

How simple, but oh-so-unexpectedly-fun. Who knew shopping in the hygiene aisle for a gift could be entertaining?


Candle Swap

Everyone loves a good candle. Go ahead, have some fun with it… just remember you actually have to lift it and not stash it for yourself.

Fuzzy Toes

A sock exchange! So satisfying. The sock collections these days are something to be impressed by. You’ll never want the sock monster to visit again.

Wild Card

Pick a card, any card. Looks like you got the wild card. This option leaves the exchange totally open and completely unexpected. You have the freedom to get wild, weird, or stay humble.

Things You Put On Your Head

How many items are used to put on your head? Beanies, hats, accessories; you be their judge. As long as it goes on your head, it counts.

Letter Exchange

For those who want to take things to a more sentimental level, a letter exchange is great. Not to mention, a wonderful way to save money. For this option, write a thoughtful letter to whoever’s name you pull and share it with them the day of the party.

Fill Your Cup

Coffee, tea, wine… the list goes on. If you can pour it into a cup, wrap it up.


I don’t know about you, but a good mug is always appreciated. Have a mug exchange to brighten someone’s day… everyday.

Comedy Hour

Get those sense of humor ready, this exchange is all about laughter. Find something that will surely trigger some chuckles as a result.

Pajama Party

Adult onesies anyone? In addition to this cozy theme, each participant will gift an item of pajamas. Now that’s a seriously comfortable exchange.

Where The Sun Don’t Shine

I’m sure you can imagine. Slightly odd, but totally possible; let the undergarment gifting begin!

Opt Outside

Is your group of friends a bunch of nature lovers? If so, this theme will be a hit. Choose a gift that has anything to do with the outdoors for this exchange.

Get Framed

Photography lovers, this one’s for you. Because so many photos stay put on our phones or cameras, you’ll gift the perfect frame. If you know some friends who could use some photos on the wall, the frame exchange is ideal.

Munchie Mania

All about snacks. This one is for all the food lovers out there. It’s a great theme to pick because everyone gifts a form of food! Sign me up.

Blush Basket

No- no, not the kind you put on your face, but the kind that comes naturally; because this theme is all about making people blush. As a result of your perfect gift that, you’re guaranteed to make someone feel a bit bashful.

Thrift Store Find

Who doesn’t love seeing what interesting things can be found at a thrift store? From treasures, to complete mysteries; you’re bound to find something unique.

All of these themes have the freedom of being humble or upping the fun factor. Pick a theme this year and see what creativity unfolds!



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