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Newborn Clothing Must Haves

With so many cute rompers, jumpsuits, bows, hair ties, swaddles and other newborn clothing items out there, it can be overwhelming to decide what exactly you need, and how much of each clothing item is necessary! Also, if you’re expecting a new baby, you’re most likely being targeted by many brands on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook with the most adorable outfits and might be impulsively spending money on really expensive items that your babe can only wear for about a month or so. (Shhh, don’t tell our partners!)

So, if you’re looking for more of a guideline of what to purchase and what quantity you need, we’ve got your back! Here’s our handy-dandy guide of the clothing items you must purchase for your newborn baby! Your wallet (and partner) will thank you!

A few things you’ll want to consider before you start shopping like crazy are sizing, fabric and budget. As new parents, you won’t know how big your baby is until he or she gets here, but everyone knows that babies grow fast! You’ll want to purchase a few items at newborn’ size just in case your little one is on the smaller size, but a bulk of the items should be in the 0-3 month range. We suggest keeping all of the receipts for your items, in case you need to swap out any clothing for preemie sizes, or if your baby is already squeezing out of the 3-month clothing after a few weeks (it’s happened, trust us!).

The skin of your newborn baby will be highly sensitive, so you’ll want to invest in highly breathable and preferable natural or organic fabrics. Look for something that is cotton based and can stand loads of washing (think, lots of throw up and diaper blowouts). You should also avoid scratchy tags or synthetic fabrics that might irritate your baby’s skin.

Another thing to consider is how much do you want to spend on baby clothes? Sure, your BFF’s and in-laws might want to splurge on a $50 infant outfit, but keep in mind that your little one may only wear that once – or even for 5 minutes before it’s destroyed by a spit up or blow out! You don’t need to spend a fortune on baby clothes, keep it simple! If you can’t resist the urge to splurge, we like to follow by the rule of only buy what’s on sale!

So what do you really need?

10-12 Body Suits

Bodysuits are the most important staple for your newborn’s wardrobe. They’ll be a great building block for outfits or good on their own. You can accessorize with a bow, bloomers or little socks if you’d like. Also be sure to keep a few on hand in your diaper bag in case of an unexpected diaper blowout.

6-8 Sleep Suits

Sleepsuits are essentially bodysuits, but with sleeves! These are perfect for nap time and sleepy time. We highly recommend bodysuits for sleeping with a zipper versus snaps – no one wants to button up a ton of snaps after a nighttime feeding or diaper change! Also, be sure to get ones that cover their little hands – baby nails are extremely sharp and you don’t want your baby scratching him or herself!

6-8 Daytime Outfit Sets

For days when you feel like dressing up your little one with more than a basic bodysuit, you’ll want to outfit your babe with a cute outfit set! A coordinated set of pants and shirts or a dress with baby bloomers is the perfect way to spice up their outfits a bit! Our favorite is simple one-piece outfits like rompers and jumpsuits that are easy to put on, and you only have one piece of laundry to do!

4 – 6 Bibs

Babies are notoriously known for spitting up. So, instead of having to do a complete outfit change, be sure to get yourself a handful of bibs to use throughout the week. You can keep them plain or get ones with cute wording on them. Trust us, changing a bib is so much easier than changing a complete outfit, and you’ll have less laundry to do!

8 Pairs of Socks

Babies aren’t capable of regulating their own body temperature, so it is important to keep them warm enough with layers of clothing. The majority of tiny tots’ body warmth escapes mostly through their heads and feet, so keeping those areas protected with socks and a hat will help keep your baby comfortable and warm. Having a solid 8 pairs of socks to last you through a full week will be a necessary staple, but often overlooked part of your newborn’s wardrobe! You might want to get a couple more pairs though because those little socks can get lost so easily!

So there you have it – each of these items will help create a nice base wardrobe for your newborn for their first 3 months or so of life. Of course, you can accessories with bows, headbands, hats, and shoes, but those are things your baby needs to survive!




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