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45 One-Minute Cleaning Tasks You Should Do Right Away

Looking to clean your home faster than ever? Messes, like spills, can happen in a blink of the eye. But most often, messes are generated over days and weeks of neglect, like that pile of dirty laundry or the stack of folded cardboard boxes that keeps growing and growing. Choosing to ignore tiny messes eventually leads to overwhelm.

In other words, if you want to tackle the mess and keep your home cleaner, then you need to nip the chaos in the bud. Introduce this rule of thumb into your life: “If the task takes less than a minute to complete, do it immediately.”

To get you started, here are 45 micro-tasks that you can do right away to tame the madness of a messy house for good.

Entryway Tasks

First thing, upon getting out of your car, make sure you take everything with you: litter, clothing, and water bottles.

You can also declutter your life by breaking down cardboard boxes stacked up by the entryway or in the foyer. Do that as soon as you unbox your items.

Avoid dropping belongings right at the doorway and leaving them there. Pursues, backpacks, and other bags should be brought immediately your room or the kitchen. Additionally, keep yourself organized by investing in key hooks and shoe racks. That way, you know where everything is right when you need it.

Before tossing mail on the counter and walking away, sort it. Bonus points if you divvy it up by bills and everything else.



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