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There’s a Colorful Knife For That!

I want all of these for their color alone.

Beyond the traditional collection of paring and chef’s knives, every kitchen needs specialty knives to help peel, scoop and slice trickier fruits and vegetables. Kuhn Rikon – The #1 Brand of Swiss Cookware and Cooks’ Tools, offers over 30 different knives, all with super-sharp, high-quality Japanese carbon-steel blades, convenient nonstick coating and safety sheaths.

Colorful Specialty Knives From Kuhn Rikon. (PRNewsFoto/Kuhn Rikon)

Specialty Knives for Fun and Function

The Avocado Knife Colori makes avocados easy to prepare with one tool. The serrated edge slices through tough avocado skin; two teeth on the opposite edge are used to hit the pit and remove it by twisting; and the curved end of the blade scoops out the flesh. Suggested retail $12.95.

The Watermelon Knife Colori reminds everyone that summer is fun and delicious. Eleven inches long, the high-quality serrated blade cleanly and safely slices through thick melon skins, without a struggle. Suggested retail $30.

The dual-functioning blade of the Sandwich Knife & Spreader makes sandwich preparation quick and easy. The scalloped edge slices through breads, chops lettuce, glides through tomatoes and cuts cheese. The wide, smooth edge spreads mayonnaise, mustard and other condiments. 5 1/2-inches long. Green, Red, Black or Purple. Suggested retail $16.

The straight, thin blade of the Original Nakiri Knife Colori is perfect for chopping, slicing, and dicing fruits and vegetables. The scalloped design on the blade helps easily release foods. Suggested retail$20.

With its 7-inch serrated blade, the Original Bread Knife Colori slices sandwich bread and rustic artisan loaves to perfection. Also ideal for slicing and chopping tomatoes. Red. Suggested retail $

Traditional Knives in High Style

The Ergo Chef’s Knife Colori with its 6-inch blade is perfectly sized for a gentle rocking action for quickly cutting, slicing or mincing of fruits, vegetables, herbs and more. Red or Black. Suggested retail$20.

Colorful polka dots and plaid designs add a flavor of fashion to the Colori Art Paring Knife Sets . Perfect for light cutting or slicing small fruits, the Nonstick Paring Knife Colori is also available in 15 fashion colors including Tangerine, Sapphire, Fuchsia, Lemon, Purple and Pink. Suggested retails $10 to $38. and


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