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Un Amore: Appliances with Oomph!

Oooh Kitchenaid Mixers!

No kitchen is complete without one, right? With so many colors to choose from, you’re sure to find one in the perfect shade. But what about when the perfect shade isn’t enough? What about when you want something perfect-er? (That’s a word now, its been published.)

Un Amore is an amazing website with one-of-a-kind designed Kitchenaid mixers and more! Run by a mother of two, Nicole Dinardo was looking for a creative outlet and started airbrushing things. Just take a look at some of her amazing work!

If you don’t have a Kitchenaid, or are in the market for something else, Nicole can paint just about any small appliance and even other items too like guitar cases, coffee makers, blenders and skateboard decks. She even makes adorable aprons, in patterns to match your appliances! How cool is that?

Now don’t be surprised that these designs might cost you a bit of cash, these are not stickers or preprinted designs sold at the local department store. This is all original work done by a working mom… like fancy art for your kitchen!

You can learn more about Un Amore by checking it out on Facebook, on the blog, and the storefront. Happy shopping!

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  • Modern Day Moms

    Be sure to check out Un Amore Custom Designs here on Facebook!

  • Leah

    Those are the Cutest things I’ve ever seen :)

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