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Take A Modern Stroll With The Orbit G2 Stroller

I’m gonna let you in on the latest celebrity trend in strollers. All kinds of modern celebrity mommas like Tori Spelling, Jessica Alba, January Jones, Rachel Zoe, Kourtney Kardashian, Halle Berry, Jennifer Garner and more are seen around town strolling their babes in it, and there’s no doubt in my mind why.

The Orbit G2 Stroller has got to be hands down the best stroller I’ve ever laid my hands on. And I’m a bit of a stroller floozy. I have tried them all, my friends. I am not ashamed either.

From the 16 (yep, you read that right…) shock absorbers to the amazing comfort it gives my little I am happy to share this amazing stroller with you.

Here are the reasons the G2 is the choice of the stars:

What puts Orbit above the competition?

My favorite feature of this stroller is what makes Orbit such a step above the rest…it’s their 360* rotating chair! The seat in the G2 stroller can swivel all the way around, making it possible to have bebe facing front, back or to the sides with a simple lever to squeeze on each side. Miles loved that he could ride sideways! What a cool idea! The levers can also be used to recline the seat into three different reclining positions. The Orbit Baby Car Seat uses that same 360 feature too! Can you imagine being able to place baby in the car facing you, then just swiveling the seat into place?? Oh, how my back would have loved that after having a baby! The car seat also fits onto the stroller body in place of the seat, should you have a sleeping baby you don’t want to wake.


No kidding, I put this stroller together in less than a half hour. Every last bit of it. There’s not a screw needed, it all just snaps into place.


Do I have to say more? It is so modern, sleek, and comes in a wide variety of colors. We love our ruby colored stroller!

Smooth Ride

This is such an easy stroller to push! It is such a smooth ride, not just for me pushing it, but my son as well! Orbit makes their strollers with 4 shock absorbers for each wheel, making it ride with the least amount of bumps and jiggles for your bebe. Pushing it was a dream. I could even push it one handed while I was browsing at a store, or chatting on the phone.


Now, this is a two piece stroller for those who didn’t know. I have owned two piece strollers before, so that didn’t bother me but something to think about if you are used to a one piece package.

The G2 is easy to open and close, with just a simple one handed “twist and lift”. Once open, you place the seat into the stroller body. To close, you simply remove the seat first. It fit compactly into the trunk, too!


This is not only a cool stroller, it is also a safe one. It has a five point harness, super strong aluminum body frame, shock absorbers, and it meets all of the industry standards for safety. They also use green fabrics and foam, making it not only a little safer for baby, it’s safer for the earth, too!


The G2 has a few extra things that the competition just doesn’t have, and if you want to pay good money for a good stroller then you want to get the most out of it. It comes with a snack tray that easily snaps on and off of the support bar!

I love that it detaches for simple cleaning. It also has a built in cup holder. I had a stroller from one of their competitors, and you have to buy every last one of these awesome items separately. And they were NOT cheap. So having the snack tray and cup holder included is a plus! It also comes with an infant insert, much like a car seat does. We didn’t have to use it, but man is that a great extra! The cargo area under the seat is not only detachable from the stroller,

but it also has a shoulder strap, making it great for taking just bebe and the cargo bag into a restroom for a quick diaper change! It has an amazing ventilation system in the back of the seat,

and a sun shade that puts all other sun shades to shame. No really, they call it the “Paparazzi Sheild” because it gives full coverage from the sun, and paparazzi (should you be worried about that).

Fun Extras

We played around with Orbit’s Sidekick as well.

This awesome skateboard-esque attatchment is a must have if you have more than one child. With Miles and the two kiddos I nanny for, things get crazy when we go for walks. Having the Sidekick sure is great to help when one gets tired from walking, or to use as incentive for being on their best behavior. Let me just say that while I get plenty of compliments on the stroller by itself, that Sidekick is noticed everywhere we go! I have been stopped by parents at the kids schools, grandparents while out on walks, teenage boys (who seemed to be the most impressed!) and literally every person in our mall! No kidding. Stopped. It is just. So. Cool. Miles loved riding on the Sidekick too! Sometimes, I’ll take him out in the stroller and he ends up riding the Sidekick home. The sidekick attatched with ease, and folds up along with the stroller! It comes with handles for your little to hold on to while they ride too!

If you are looking for a stroller that looks amazing (and gets tons of compliments), keeps your kiddo safe, and is easy to push then you really need to check out the Orbit G2.

You can find Orbit on their website, on facebook and on Twitter.

What’s this? You need a double stroller? Keep your eyes peeled, because Orbit just announced a double stroller KIT that attatches onto the G2 stroller coming out this Spring!

I recieved a G2 Stroller and Sidekick for review, but all opinions are my own.

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  • Jessica

    Wow. This stroller looks amazing! It looks so modern. Thank you for the great review!!!

  • Suzanne Scully Hurtado-Thorsted


  • Molly

    Not only are these strollers adorable but safe and functionable?! I wish they were not so expensive, otherwise they are perfect!

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