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The Surprising Benefits of Drinking 4 Cups of Coffee a Day

Coffee has been demonized then raised to heavenly heights throughout the years. First, coffee was bad for the heart, then it was good for moods. Now, research is suggesting that up to four cups of coffee a day could maximize the healthy benefits of the beverage. Before, the thinking was that too much caffeine could negate the positive effects of coffee, but research as proven otherwise. Now, we know that coffee can help fight a host of illnesses and diseases, thanks to its antioxidant-rich composition.

Better yet, research has proven that a moderate intake of coffee does not have any impact on your heart health. In fact, the latest research from the University of Dusseldorf, Germany found that four cups of coffee a day could even help heart cells function more optimally, because the caffeine helps shuttle a protein known as p27 into the heart cell mitochondria.

A healthier heart is not the only benefit of coffee either. Here are some reasons why you should consider upping your coffee intake to four cups a day.



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