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5 Tips for Reducing Stress This Year

You would be surprised how much of your physical well being can be narrowed down to stress. It is important as we take a look at how healthy we are to also consider the stress factors we have in our lives and how we can reduce those negative feelings. Feelings of anxiety, agitation and stress can take a huge toll on how we feel, our personal lives and what our outlook on life is like in general. Here are some tips of how to reduce stress and relax in your life, and ways to welcome a calmer, healthier, and more relaxed you.


It sounds simple, but it sure can be hard sometimes. Breathing, the basic building block of us living, influences your mood just as much as it does your mind and body. By paying attention to your breathing, you can find yourself moving towards being more relaxed. By focusing on breath, you are taking the focus off the negative things that your mind could be dwelling on, and especially thoughts that can produce unhappiness or anxiety. Whenever you find yourself getting worked up, upset, or worried, try focusing on your breath. One of my favorite techniques is called square breathing. It’s is as simple as it is effective. Try it for yourself by counting like this:


Inhale 2.. 3.. 4

Hold 2.. 3.. 4

Exhale 2.. 3.. 4

Hold 2.. 3.. 4



Listening to music really can help us mellow our moods, if the music is mellow, that is. When I find myself in a state of panic, I put on some noise canceling headphones and turn up some relaxing music. Whatever suits you and is effective would be appropriate. Music can help us temporarily escape, and again pouts our thoughts into another place. When we are worried, anxious or upset, music is another great place to keep our thoughts until we have calmed down enough to handle and tackle the situation.



For some people, exercising is the most effective method for them to reduce stress and promote relaxation. Tossing in some cardio to your daily routine has a moderating effect on your emotions. I notice myself feeling more relaxed even after a quick mile run. There is also the physical benefit of exercise that, when we feel better, mentally we can feel better as well. It’s hard to lose with good ole fashioned exercise. Even if running isn’t your thing, yoga has long been touted as one of the greatest physical forms of relaxation there is. Have you tried yoga? It’s absolutely divine.



Consider getting a massage. The time away is worth it alone. Visit a skilled physical therapist and let them get to work! I always feel more relaxed and at peace after massage. They say that the state of mind can be reflected in your muscles, and people can actually say “you look tense”. A trip to get a massage might just be the thing you are looking for.



Meditating has been simply described as directed concentrating. When you meditate, you focus your attention to an object, or a thing (like breathing) and try to keep your mind from wandering. If you do wander, gently bring your mind right back and start again. You will soon see that this is easier than you thought and the benefits come almost immediately. Doctors have documented immediate benefits such as lowered blood pressure, decreased heart rate and other important signs of relaxation.

Article provided by Alomune, all opinions expressed are my own.

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