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11 Heartwarming Ways to Practice Kindness With Your Kids this Holiday Season

‘Tis the season for holiday celebrations, joy, and cheer. The sharing, caring, time of year is here. With family and friends traveling from state-to-state, or from one town to the next, there are lots of memories waiting to be made. During this time of year, there is a feeling of giving to others that take the stage. Although it can tend to be a busier, and sometimes hectic time, there’s always a chance for our hearts to soften and open up to the people around us.

With so much going on, and many people to see, there are still moments for you to pause, and create a special twist this holiday season. There are many actions that can make a big impact on the people and world around you. The littlest things in life tend to make the heart feel the fondest.

Whether you’re sharing this gift with people you know, or someone you’ve never met, your act of kindness will reach out even further than you might expect. What a wonderful way to spend some time with your kids and family, by intentionally thinking about just how you can brighten someone’s day.

Not everyone has a family to go home to, but even if they do, for someone to go the extra mile, it will really make them smile. Create a warmness in their heart and a smile on their face, just keep in mind- even the smallest gestures are acknowledged.

Share the Cheer

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or any other holiday, get those to-go plates ready. There are a lot of people who are unable to take time off work during holidays. Create a few plates of food, and of course, one for dessert. Visit a business near your home, and hand out a plate to whoever is working. This can be as easy as taking a trip to the gas station on the corner. It’s a simple act, but will really be appreciated. You can keep it simple, or load up the car and share the cheer with many more.

Keep the Streets Clean

Grab a few bags and hit the town. Littering is unfortunately very common. The average person probably walks by at least 50 pieces of garbage on a 20-minute walk. Imagine how much trash could be picked up with several people, and an hour-long walk.

Write a Letter; Just Because

Letters and gifts tend to only get sent around holidays and birthdays. And while we are all up in the holiday season now, slip a note in the middle. Whether it’s to grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or distant friends, have your child write a sweet note, simply just because. If they aren’t at the writing stage, a cute doodle will do the trick.

Pay It Forward

Take a trip to your family’s local coffee or treat shop. Let your child be in charge of paying for the treats this time, (even if it’s you handing them a $20.) Notice if there is someone in line behind them. If so, have them cover their treats as well.

Make it Rain Candy Canes

Kids will have such a blast with this! Grab a box of candy canes, and attach kind notes to them. Gently place them on the windshield of the cars in a parking lot. Simple and sweet.

Hot Cocoa and Cookies For A Cause

Take your lemonade stand to the next level. Create a hot chocolate and cookie stand, but rather than stashing the proceeds, donate them. Along with your stand, have your kids make a sign promoting their cause. Find an organization that means a lot to you and your family, or one that could use the extra help, and support it.

Knock-Knock Applesauce

I don’t know about your household, but those applesauce squeeze pouches are a never-ending hit! Have your kids draw a picture or write notes to some kiddos and friends in the neighborhood. Leave it on their doorstep as a nice surprise for them.

Build Your Own Friendly Snowman

If you live in an area that has some snowman worthy snow, build it up! Find a spot where lots of cars and people pass by. Make a silly snowman, with a happy and uplifting phrase, and let it make someone’s day.

Coffee and Donuts

Support your local law enforcement by visiting them with boxes of donuts and coffee. Many places offer large quantities of coffee and to-go cups. There’s nothing cuter than a few kiddos walking in with a sweet treat to say thank you.

Warm Up The Homeless

Stack up those breakfast burritos and cozy blankets and hit the road. The cold weather doesn’t change the fact there are still many homeless people on the streets. Warm up their bellies and hearts by bringing them comfort.

Read Stories In A Retirement Home

Have your child pick a few favorite books and head to a retirement home. Many families are unable to be together throughout the holidays, and any bit of extra kindness is sure to be welcomed.

Not all actions have to be big to be appreciated. The ones from the heart and always the best. Warm your hearts, your families, and all of those around you; by sharing your kindness with them.



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