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Little Partners Learning Tower

Miles and I love to play together, and when I cook in the kitchen, it is no exception. He is constantly at my feet, asking me for attention and if he can help!

My little guy is way too unbalanced and clutzy to stand on a regular foot stool without falling off, so I have to constantly be right on him to make sure he doesn’t fall. Thank goodness for this neat product called the Learning Tower. Seriously. It has made cooking time (and play time) oh so much less worrisome for me!

Remember it from our Holiday Gift Guide for Kids? We think it would make an awesome present for the little helper in your life!

You see, The Leaning Tower is a stool for kids to use that has barriers up to keep your little safe! Miles can happily help me with cookies, and I can feel safe walking away to wash my hands or set the oven temp. It puts him at the perfect height to feel like a big helper too! It has adjustable height so that no matter how short or tall your little is, they will be able to help momma or daddy out!

It took Miles a little bit to feel comfortable climbing in to the tower on his own because he is a very cautious boy, but it has big holes for your child to easily climb up to help.

We also love to just have Miles hang out in the kitchen while we are preparing a meal, and we’ll give him a coloring book, play-dough, or bananas and a plastic kids knife to use at the counter so that he can interact with us at our level…which makes him feel so special.

But Miles absolute favorite thing to do with his Learning Tower??
Play FORT!! The standing board in the tower is removeable, and if you throw a blanket over top it’s an instant fort! Oh, the hours Miles has already spent playing cars and dinosaurs in there! He loves that!

But it’s not just for cooking. Or fort playing. No no. There is also an Easel attatchment (sold separately) that fits on to the side of the Learning Tower to make it a multi-functional piece! The Easel is double sided, one is a chalkboard and the other is a white board! It’s magnetic, so you can hang paper from it to color, and display your little’s favorite piece of art with the provided magnet bar!

We bought a dry-eraser that was magnetic too, so Miles can always find his eraser. There are holes on the tray of the easel that cups fit so nicely into to hold his chalk and his markers (obviously only under supervision anymore…), and a little space to hold an eraser too! Also, the wood around the easel cleans easily! Miles is a messy colorer, and got marker all over the wood, but it wipes RIGHT off! Love that!

The Learning Tower is available in a ton of colors and wood stains, so you can match it to your kitchen, or get creative (like our fun green one!!). It was super simple to put together, and is extremely stable, tested to hold up to 500lbs (not that you’ll EVER have 500lbs of kid on there). It cleans up very easily too, I just use a dampened kitchen rag!

We absolutley love our Learning Tower, and it is easily one of my favorite new additions to the kitchen! I cook dinner almost every night, and having Miles there to help me out makes it so much more fun!

Check out Little Partners on their website, on facebook and on Twitter!

I did recieve a Learning Tower and Art Easel for review, but all opinions are my own.

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  • Laura Nelson Magu

    Love this!

  • Jessica

    Oh he looks so adorable with his tower. Love the green color too! This thing is amazing. Great post!

  • Kaydee

    What an amazing find! Something with this many uses is like getting 10 toys in 1 what an awesome thing in these tough economic times.

  • Kacey

    This looks so amazing!! We have the same problem when cooking dinner and it makes pre-dinner-time so much more stressful! But it seems kinda pricey…wishing it wasn’t so expensive :( maybe Santa will be extra generous this year?! I really want this!

  • We just want to thank you for such a terrific post! It means so much to Little Partners as a company to see real kids, real moms, real families using The Learning Tower and our other products. It makes what we do at work every day so worth it and we are always learning new ways to make our products better. So thanks again Emily (and Miles)! Happy Holidays and best wishes for 2012. Here’s to growing and learning. – Lizzy (from Little Partners).

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