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MadPax – The Most Talked About Backpacks

If you own a MadPax Backpack already, I am willing to bet you $5 that you hear “where did you get that?” at least 3 times a day! This is no exaggeration and there is good reason for being asked. These packs rock like no one’s business. These amazingly functional packs are the perfect school accessory. Oh, who am I kidding? They are great for adults too! From the mighty bite to the full pack, these backpacks are the ultimate accessory in style, functionality and creativity!

The great thing about MadPax is that they cater to kids of all sizes. Even those adult kids.

Stylish, Functional, Creative

My daughter has the Half Pack in Pink-A-Dot. It is the cutest little pack.

Great for little kids to cart around their toys, books, or the 2-3 pieces of paper they bring home from preschool each week. Halfpacks are pedal-to-the-metal personality to the next power, that rock a punch for little people. Bonus feature; this little monster holds an iPad.

Even my husband has a MadPax. He carries around the Spiketus Rex Full Pack (as seen below) in Got Your Black. The fullpack is the mack daddy of all the MadPax built for kids (and adults) on the go.

With Christmas coming up, what better gift to give than once that is functional and can be used for more than just play? These packs are the perfect gift for kids of all ages.

A Few Specs

Pack Size: Full
Will Hold: Three 2″ binders, pencil box
Strap Type: Adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap
Great for: Adults, Big Kids, Kids from 1st grade+

Pack Size: Half
Will Hold: iPad, folders, change of clothes. It will not hold a full size binder
Strap Type: Adjustable shoulder straps with chest strap
Great for: Toddlers, Little Kids, Kids in Preschool and younger

Pack Size: Nibbler
Will Hold: Lunch, wallet, water bottle, etc
Strap Type: Single loop as a handle. This pack is not insulated or a backpack
Great for: Lunches, Trinkets

Pack Size: Mighty Bite
Will Hold: Keys, coin purse, small toys, cell phone
Strap Type: Single loop with clip to attached to another pack or bag
Great for: Coins, Attaching to your backpack


What materials are the packs made of? Their packs achieve their leather like look from fabric made of Poly Urethane. This material delivers durable and vibrant colors that are easily cleaned. The interiors are lined with high quality nylon. All of the zippers are smooth functioning nylon.


How do I clean my MadPax? They recommend you clean your pack with a damp cloth as necessary. Do not machine wash, use detergent or bleach. Machine washing Poly Urethane fabric is not recommended.

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Disclaimer: I was provided samples however all opinions of these amazing MadPax Packs are my own

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  • Kaydee

    I’m thinking my son would love to start 2nd grade with this backpack next year!

    • Jessica

      Yes! He would be the coolest kid there ;)

      • Kaydee

        Well I’d like to think he already is ;) heeheehee…

        • Jessica

          But of course ;)

  • Stacey Aydeniz

    That’s a cool bag! I’m gonna get my girl one of these when she goes to school !!

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