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Back to school time means new back packs! I loved picking out a new backpack each year, and I am sure my daughter will be the same when she’s older. Dabbawalla makes the cutest bags! They are great for younger school age children, and also for children in day care.

Dabbawalla backpacks were designed to withstand whatever your kid can throw at it (or in it), but still look cool. Moms will love these because they are easily machine washable, and also easily adjustable. The straps can adjust down really small-so small my 16 month old can wear it, but so can a 6 year old!

For younger school aged children, this bag is great. It can hold enough, and it even will fit a Goodbyn Bynto kit! There’s some mesh pockets inside, that can hold stuff flat, or hold drinks and snacks. I don’t think this bag would work for older school children, who need to carry lots of books and other stuff. I think at that age they would be “over” wearing cute animals anyways.

I mentioned this bag is good for daycare too. My daughter will be starting daycare soon, and this bag actually holds everything she needs for one full day. The Goodbyn Bynto, plus one other small snack, the drink, diapers, a change of clothes, and whatever else I need to put in there for the day. The bag has a handle on top that makes it easy for me to carry in and out. The unique design makes it stick out, so I know no one else will mistake her bag for theirs. I am so in love with the cute penguin design! And my daughter is too. From the moment our Dabbawalla bag came in the mail, she has had it with her. She drags it around the living room, put toys in it, and asks to have us put it on her. Too cute! I really think most kids will love these.

I actually use this bag like a diaper bag now for day outings. We are passed the point of needing to bring everything in the house with us when we leave to go to the store, so this bag makes a nice grab and go type carry all for short trips. Like I mentioned, it fits plenty of stuff! Check out what I brought to a local event, Astronomy in the Park.

Sorry for the blurry pic, we were in a hurry to head out. So here’s what’s in the bag:

A prefold diaper, a diaper cover, a sweater, long pants, wipes, a wet bag, a couple of books, a yogurt, a cereal bar, a sippy with water and small juice box, and a couple of small toys. That’s quite a bit of stuff for one small kids bag. Nice a roomy, to fit all those glitter finger paint creations your child is sure to bring home!

Cool stuff re-cap:


comes in tons of different styles

Holds more than it looks like it will

Machine washable

Lunch Bags and Lunch Sacks are certified free of lead, PVC, phthalates and over 100 other harmful substances.

If you were stuck on what backpack to get for your little one to start school with, I hope this helps! Dabbawalla’s really are fun and should last you for at least a school year, and probably more. If you don’t need a backpack, but need a lunch sack, they make those too!

*I was provided a backpack to review by Dabbawalla. All views and opinions are strictly my own.


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  • Jasmine

    WOW! you fit a lot of stuff in there! These are SUCH cute bags!

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