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“Mommy Must-Have: sugarSNAP Car-Go”

Okay guys, I am here to tell you about a product I am completely obsessed with. The organizing freak in me shouted for joy when it arrived on my door step today. If there is one place that I have a hard time keeping organized, it would be the car. I try my best but with beach toys, sunscreen, wipes and other various things just rolling around in the trunk, it’s hard to be organized…

until… I discovered the sugarSNAP Car-Go. Oh hello.

The sugarSNAP Car-Go is a breakthrough car trunk organizer that stores all of your stuff in one beautiful place. Having Car-Go stocked and organized with kid and baby supplies will make any parent’s life easier and put car clutter and chaos in timeout once and for all.

Car-Go is basically a compact bin with mesh pockets for easy access to frequently used items like wipes, toys, and sunscreen.

Here are some great features that the Car-Go has to offer:

– It comes with six sugarSNAP File bags (Toys+Trinkets, Lotions+Potions, Dipes+Wipes, Shirts+Socks, Snacks+Supplies and one blank/parents’ choice) to keep items organized and quickly accessible

– Has the flexibility to use with a newborn, toddler or school-age child and grow with your family

– Fits any trunk and leaves plenty of space for a stroller, shopping bags & more

– Adds some color to your trunk with its vibrant patterns and colors

– Environmentally-friendly and made with kid-safe materials

sugarSNAP products are available at a growing number of retailers and at

Thank you Rachel for introducing us to this amazing product, that is now our new favorite mommy must-have.




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