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Giveaway: The NEW 2012 B-Ready Stroller from Britax

This giveaway has ended. Winner has been announced below.



Today, BRITAX introduced its all-new, B-READY stroller, a versatile and stylish modular stroller equipped with convenient, comfortable features to meet the needs of growing families.

The 2012 B-READY’s new design offers many updated features, including four recline positions on the top seat, with a new, more upright seated position and a deeper storage basket. It also includes new, all-terrain, bump-absorbing, foam-filled rubber tires that ride like traditional pneumatic tires, yet never “go flat.” The B-READY accommodates baby from birth up to 55 pounds.

Like the popular original B-READY, the 2012 version accommodates growing families. It easily converts into 14 configurations that can carry one or two children using any combination of the top seat, 2nd seat, bassinet and infant car seats (sold separately). Thanks to the integrated CLICK & GO system, parents can alternate the top seat, bassinet and infant car seats without an additional purchase. BRITAX’s unique infant car seats are built to attach to BRITAX strollers right out of the box, allowing easy transfer of the infant car seat from stroller to the car.

Parents also will enjoy the ease and convenience of the B-READY’s adjustable top handle with its molded grip and cup holder. An automatic chassis lock secures the frame in a folded position, with or without the second seat attached. One-step, linked rear brakes with color-coded indicators confirm the stroller is locked in place, or ready to roll.

Available in five fashions, Navy, Black, Red, Silver and Twilight, the 2012 BRITAX B-READY (MSRP: $499.99) will be sold in independent and mass retailers.

Britax B-Ready Stroller Giveaway
(ended on March 24th, 2012)

And the winner is…. #83 Jessamyn Miller.

Didn’t win this giveaway? Stay tuned, we have another one coming up today from Maclaren. See here.


This giveaway is open to US & CAN residents only. Must be 18+. Giveaway ends March 24th. Please allow us a few days from end date to verify & confirm entries. Winner will be announced directly in this post and will be e-mailed immediately. Winner will then have 48 hours to respond, which is why we can’t stress enough: please make sure to like us on Facebook & Twitter so you can watch for announcements.

Note: When the winner is chosen, their information will be given to Britax. The prize stroller will not be shipped until first week in April upon to it’s release.

Additional accessories are the 2nd Seat (MSRP: $149.99), Bassinet (MSRP: $149.99), Stroller Organizer ($29.99), Stroller Board ($89.99), Infant Car Seat Adapter ($49.99), Full Rain Cover ($49.99), Lower Infant Car Seat Adapter ($79.99), and UV Net ($39.99) (sold separately). For more information about BRITAX, visit

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  • Andrea Scott

    I wish it was open to Canadians:)

  • Sarah McCaig

    I’m expecting our first in June. I love everything Britax, I just received my chaperone infant car seat and I love that it fits perfectly in the B-Ready. The fact that the seat can be facing forward or backwards is one of the things that makes me want this stroller so bad for my LO.

  • Sonya Morris

    Fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook.

  • Sarah M

    I shared on my FB page

  • Amanda B

    I WOULD LOVE A BRITAX STROLLER! My son will be four months old this week and the stroller I have just isn’t cutting it. I just picked one out without even looking at the different types that are out there and am now really regretting it. Its bulky and hard to use, makes getting errands done really difficult. I wish I could afford a different one, but being a new stay at home mom means being on a budget that doesn’t include a new stroller.:(

  • Lorraine Marie Deichert

    I would love this to haul around my two youngest around in! We got to meet Team Britax at the Dfw Family Expo and they were wonderful & nice. The stroller display was fiercely awesome! ;)

  • Sonya Morris
  • Lauren

    i would love to have this stoller, we’re expecting another baby & im going to need a new one since mine is currently broken. im trying to keep in shape this pregnancy & this would be perfect for walking

  • Rochel S

    Fan of both pages! I would love to have a new stroller for my 6.5 month daughter! She is currently in a Snap and Go and once she grows out of it this stroller would be perfect! It is such a cool stroller!

  • Heidi Daily

    I would love this, I am expecting baby #2 in July and really like the design of the b-ready

  • Brandy S

    I would love this stroller because we are expecting our first in June! I love the versatility of this stroller! We plan on adding to our brood after this one and it would be great to be able to keep the same stroller for both and just add a seat!

  • Lisa

    We’re expecting and this would be great. I like both on facebook.

  • cris

    Expecting baby #2and we love Britax, we already have the car seats and would love the stroller.
    Thanks for having this giveaway!
    Best, cris

  • Cait

    Just had a baby last week, no stroller yet! Would love to win.

  • Christa Nielsen

    We are expecting our first little guy in July this year and would love to win the Britax stroller! Love the convenience and the versatility of it, I would be the talk of the mommy group ;)

  • Christa Nielsen

    Just posted on Facebook and Twitter, hope this increases my chances of winning a fabulous stroller :)

  • Liz

    I would love to win this for my best friend who is expecting her first baby this summer! My baby is all grown up, but I’d love to win one for her, especially since she is registered for a Britax stroller and infant seat!

  • Deb D.

    I really need to upgrade our stroller. We got a hand me down stroller and it would be nice to have this Britax to stroll in style.

  • amy pugmire

    fb fan of both of you guys. I have a 16 month old and 3 month old and we need a double stroller very badly! This would be perfect for our young and growing family.

  • Stephanie Johnson

    We are expecting our first little guy in July. I would love love love this stroller!! I need this stroller!!! Austin will be the coolest kid in mommy and me!!!!

  • Addison Kat

    Liked both on Facebook and we’re expecting in June and I’m totally coveting this stroller! I’d love to win it.

  • Kayla

    My little girl is 14 months old and we would get so much use out of this stroller! It is sleek and slim yet it has room for storage! Perfect! We are also hoping to expand our family soon so the 14 configurations are genius! Fingers crossed!

  • Brittany B.

    Would love to win! Had baby number 2 one month ago!! :-)

  • Brittany B.

    Tweeted this giveaway! @britsy4

  • Kayla

    I am a fan of both Modern Day Moms and Britax on facebook!

  • Kayla
  • ELizabeth Buck

    Expeciting in Aug!!!

  • Christina Allen

    I neeeeeeeeeeed this stroller beyond words. I have done ALL the research on this stroller before it came out!! I am expecting my first in June and my husband and I are trying SO hard to save for a Britax stroller. We have been praying for some way to get this. Winning this would be perfect! Oh man! When we went stroller shopping, we fell in love with Britax and the simplicity of their strollers, car seats and adaptors. In fact, I asked my hubby what the favorite part of his day was that day and he said “definitely the Britax stroller!” We are in LOVE with Britax!!!!

  • Lynn

    Oh my! LOVE THIS! I love britax and have two kids, 4 & 2, and due in 2 mo. With babe #3 and lve this style stroller plus the fact that it grows with you, can accomodate more than one child, and I can click in my baby seat I already own, all 3 of my kids car seats are Britax, wouldn’t use anything else. Could really use this stroller!

  • Cara K.

    Having our first (of hopefully 3 kids) and so would love this stroller for its expandability. Also love the new navy color and wheel design.

  • Amber Reid

    I would love to win this stroller! I am in need for a good one!

  • Amber Reid

    I shared on twitter

  • Kristi

    I like both on FB. I would love to own a B-ready. It is the ultimate stroller – reversible seat, pretty lightweight, can add a second seat, new tires. What isn’t to like. Oh and it comes in super fun colors. I hope to have a second so the fact that this goes from single to double and back to single again is fabulous.

  • Katie J.

    This stroller would be perfect for us. We have a 21 m/o foster son, and do respite on a very regular basis. Just this past weekend we had 3 other foster kids staying at our house, and all of them were 4 years old and under. A second stroller would have come in very handy. Haha! Great giveaway!

  • Nicole

    I currently have a 15 month old and we are trying to conceive our 3rd baby. This stroller would be absolutely perfect for our youngest now and would then accommodate us throughout the next couple of years with two. Britax products are amazing — my oldest rides in a Frontier 85 and we LOVE it! Fans of both pages on FB and would really love to win this stroller! Thank you!

  • Danielle Reding

    I would love a new Britax stroller. I have a 14 month old and we are currently trying for number two. Im ways envious of how easy it is to use as a struggle with the numerous different strollers I’ve had in the past. My husband and I already agreed that we would save for a Britax with numerous two. Winning this would be such a blessing.

  • Pamela h

    Like modern day moms and Britax on facebook

  • Lis

    Ahhhh! What an exciting giveaway!! I would love this stroller for my son – it looks like it would be perfect for all sorts of fun Spring & Summer outings!!

    And I like you and Britax on facebook as well!! (Elisabeth P.)

  • Pamela h

    I’d love this stroller because 1. I loooove everything Britax and 2. I have a son and are hoping to add to our family soon which means we’ll be in need of a double stroller soon!

  • Brandy

    I am expecting my 3rd in late August. There will be 7 years difference between my youngest and this one. Needless to say we have given away or sold all our baby stuff.

  • Brandy

    I am a fan of Britax and Modern Day Moms on facebook. :)

  • Jane

    With 2 kids would love a stroller that i can use as a single stroller and as a double for when my 2nd one doesnt want to walk.

  • Tian Hapsari

    Fan of both facebook page (Tian Hapsari).

    I would really love to win this stroller because I’m trying to have my second baby this year. With growing families concept, this stroller would be perfect to our family. Thank you so much for the giveaway! :)

  • Tian H.

    Fan of both facebook page: Tian Hapsari.
    I would really love to win this stroller because I’m trying to have my second baby this year. With growing families concept, this stroller would be perfect to our family. Thank you so much for the giveaway! :)

  • Chris

    I am excited that they updated the tires!

  • Kristen

    This past fall, we were ecstatic to find out that we were expecting our third child June 2012. Our daughter is almost six and our son is 20 months. This amazing news was followed with not so good news that my husband had been laid off, only one week later. It has been a really trying time and quite the roller coaster for our family ever since. Although he has recently found new work, it is going to take us a long time to recover from the last six months. This is going to be our second boy and although we have some things saved from “big brother” our old single stroller is falling apart and not only that but, a double would be fantastic for our two little boys! Of course I have been the obsessive pregnant women searching, comparing, reading reviews and watching demos on just about every stroller out there. We don’t have much to spend and we want to make sure that whatever we purchase will be as “perfect” as can be. Let’s just say… I have been drooling over the B Ready for months now. Through all my research, I have really fallen in love with Britax. I would LOVE to have this stroller for a million and one reasons. It seems like it is seriously the best out there!! Thanks for the chance! (shared on FB)

  • Sophia

    I would really love to own this stroller. I’m expecting my first in september.

  • Lauren O'Connell

    I am expecting my first child in July. I have been researching baby products and have fallen in love with Britax. We currently do not have a stroller and this would be a perfect fit. Great giveaway!

  • Claudia

    Icurrently have a used stroller that has more wear and tear on it than I though. Could really use a new one, especially one that is as versatile as this one.

  • Brandy Nelson

    Wow, thanks so much for the generous giveaway! I have 2 toddlers and a stroller that has certainly seen better days. Not to mention it’s clunky and hard to maneuver! I babywear often, but would love this stroller for pushing the other baby around while we’re out.

  • Jewell

    Fan of both Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook. I love how this stroller is versatile and will last for years. So many strollers I have looked at can’t be used for newborns or over a 30lbs.

  • Whitney

    We just had our 2nd boy in Feb. This would be great to win then I would just have to buy the 2nd seat!

    ramblesahm at yahoo dot com

  • Michella Coger

    I am a fan of both on FB. Hoping to win this stroller since I have been drooling over it since I found out I was pregnant with baby #3. Definitely need this versatile stroller to make my life with three little ones a little easier!!! Crossing my fingers

  • Janet W.

    I like you both on facebook – Janet Watson

  • Janet W.

    I need a stroller for my grandson that I can keep at my house and use for all occasions.

  • Kathryn Hobkirk

    I really would like a new double stroller because I am expecting my 6th child, and hope to get it right this time! I have had many strollers in the past, and the Britax B Ready has everything I am looking for. I love the option to go from a single to a double stroller with the click of a seat. I am always struggling with underneath storage and how to get to the underneath with multiple kids in the stroller. I know I will get great use out of the Britax B Ready and am so excited for the new model with the new wheels. That was the one reason I had been waiting and kept me from purchasing the 2011 version in the past few months. I was very happy to see the 2012 model was coming out soon. It has great reviews and I will probably be the only one in our town to have one! I would love to be able to win this great giveaway! I have never owned anything Britax before, but hope to soon. Thanks!

  • amy pugmire
  • Marci

    I would love this stroller for my kiddos that are closer together than planned. My hubby thinks I need to try and make our single jogger work for our new baby and our 18 month old. He doesn’t see the need to upgrade for mommy to get three kids under five in and out of buildings in one piece!

  • Marci

    Liked and commented on facebook

  • Angie A

    I have been loving the B-Ready for months. I even “borrowed” a friend’s baby and my niece and nephew to test out the stroller at a local baby store. We are expecting our first baby in June and planning to purchase the stroller and Chaperone carseat this spring. So excited about the improvements on the 2012 B-Ready. I’m not on Facebook so really bummed if its the only way to win :(

  • Stacey

    I have have been looking at the Britax strollers for a while and would love to have one. Currently we have a big jogging stroller and a smaller stroller that can only be used with his car seat (which he is starting to grow out of). This stroller is just what we need.

  • Debra Edwards

    I am a stay at home mama, I have two beautiful healthy baby girls,one that just turned 3 and only weighs 30lbs and my 2nd daughter will be turning ONE in May!!I love that both my girls would be able to use this stroller however it would be the perfect gift for my daughter’s first Birthday!My husband is SSG Edwards, who is currently deployed,serving his 3rd tour overseas and his girls are missing him!I am so sad that he will be mising our daughter’s 1st Birthday as he has had to miss her 1st everything, please help me give her the perfect gift from DADDY and MOMMY (the NEW 2012 B-Ready stroller). I am a fan of Britax and Modern Day Moms on facebook!!!!!Thank you for such a great opportunity to win such an amazing gift!!!

  • Kelly D

    I like you both on FB(kelly D Saver) and I would like this for my niece who will be born soon.

  • Michella Coger

    Shared this on FB!

  • Katrina Winn

    I’m pregnant with twin boys, due in late May; the same week my husband is scheduled to deploy for 9 months!
    I’ve only got two arms, so I need the B-ready to help me contain them when I’m away from the house!

  • Katrina Winn

    I posted on Facebook too !

  • Paige Gottwald

    I’m a fan of both on Facebook. I literally just assembled my B-Ready last night but would have much preferred to wait for the 2012 model for the fourth upright position and those awesome wheels! Planning to use it for the two I have now and the third (and maybe fourth?) that will follow in the coming years.

  • Candace

    I would love the B-ready. I have a two year old and Im expecting another baby next month!

  • Candace

    Tweeted the giveaway. @mrsccarroll

  • Sara Carr

    I have 2 children under 2 and this stroller would be perfect for our family. Sometimes we only need a single stroller since my 2 year old likes to walk when possible, but when I am out with both children without my husband I need a good double stroller.

  • Katelyn Grider

    Im having my first baby in June!!! I would LOVE to have this!! We dont have a stroller yet!

  • Kira K.

    We desperately need a stroller that cna be a single or a double so that we can elliminate the multiple stroller situation that we’re in right now!

  • Sarah

    OMG you can’t go wrong with Britax. We got a really bad stroller when we had our baby and I hate it. We are in desperate need of a new stroller!!

  • Jessamyn Miller

    I liked both pages! :) I am a huge fan of Britax! We are expecting our first baby (ITS A BOY!) this April 13th (may be sooner per my OB). I love that the stroller is an easy push and I feel like it is a “just my size” stroller….I am 5’9 and my hubby is 5’11…other strollers seemed like it was too small. The B-ready on the other hand was a perfect size for us…we tested it out at Babies R Us. I recently received the Chaperone and it is an awesome car seat and I would love the 2012 B-ready to go with it!! You are so awesome for doing this giveaway!

  • Rebecca Krshul

    I am now following Modern Day Moms and Britax! My best friend raves about her stroller, and I am due with my first child in August and I would loovve, love to have one. We are trying to pay down debt right now just to prepare for the baby, so it would be amazing to be able to win a stroller, instead of having to pay for it. I hear nothing but good things about your products and want to be able to provide the best and safest products for little baby Krsh! Thanks for considering us!

  • Toni C

    We have two babes under 2 so a double stroller is must now!

  • Rebecca Krshul

    Shared on facebook and twitter! Would love to win this stroller!

  • Kimberly

    I like you both on Facebook (Jason Rubio). I would LOVE this because I already have the B-Safe car seat. A complete travel system would be great. We’re already trying to make my baby girl a big sister, so I also love that this can be converted to a double stroller.

  • Kimberly

    I tweeted about the awesome giveaway. Thank you!!/Aerated/status/182171779542953986

  • Gabrielle Merl

    I am in love with the Britaz B-Ready! I am a first time mom and have searched and researched for months trying to find the PERFECT stroller! I found it!!! The B-Ready has every option I am looking for. It is amazing :) I am graduating a Master’s Program in June, and hence have over $100,000 in student loans to pay back. Any little bit helps, and this gift would be amazing!!!! Good luck to everyone :) Thank you Modern Day Moms and Britax!

  • Amber Reid

    I shared this on Twitter

  • Amber Reid

    Shared on Twitter

  • Janice

    I would love this stroller! i love that it can be used for two babies! Just had my second in december and we are in the market for a double stroller! Thanks!

  • Christa Nielsen

    Just submitted my daily entry by posting on Twitter :) Username is AtkinsCat!

  • Lara S.

    Fan of Both on Facebook – We don’t have anything Britax, but I’ve heard good things about their products & would love to give this a try. We have a little one with another soon & I’m always up for trying a new thing that motivates me to walk or go do activities!

  • Jackie F

    Fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on FB. I would love this stroller for my daughter – she loves to go on walks & be outside as much as possible. My all-time favorite feature of the B-Ready is the ease i which it converts into 14 configurations that can carry one or two children using any combination of 2 seats. Very cool!

  • Chase

    Though I am a father I am proud to say I am a fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax. My wonderful wife is a Modern Day Mom who has my greatest adoration. She recently gave birth to our second boy and continues to be the most amazing mother and best friend to our two year old. Everyday when I come home from work she can’t wait to tell me about the many fancy strollers she has found online that will make her life so much easier. If I won this stroller for her I would be her knight in shining armor all over again!

  • Samantha C.

    I like Britax and Modern Day Moms on FB.

  • Samantha C.

    I am due next month and this would be fantastic!

  • courtney b

    im a fb fan of both of you courtney bella

  • courtney b

    i just had a baby and we need a great stroller like this!

  • Christina Allen

    I’m glad I got to post another comment because I forgot one yesterday!! I also want this stroller because you can add to it and make it for 2, yes, 2 kiddos!! I am pregnant with our first, but want to add to our little family. This will be the perfect for that! I won’t have to buy a new stroller for an addition! Yay! Who doesn’t love that?!!

  • Stephanie

    I’m pregnant with baby #2 and would LOVE to win this stroller. I love that it converts from single to double so easily so that I can use it for years to come!

  • Stephanie

    Shared on Facebook.

  • shae johnson

    I am a fan of both on on fb.

  • shae johnson

    This stroller would be great for our baby. I love the design of the stroller!

  • Katie F

    This will be perfect for baby #2!

  • Ryan H

    I am entering the Britax giveaway with the hopes of surprising my wife for Mother’s Day. She has just found out that she is expecting our 6th child, and has her heart set on this stroller. She is an amazing wife and mother and I would love to make her day special. I am not sure otherwise if we will be able to afford the stroller given that she said the stroller will be about $700 with the second seat attachment and the carseat attachment. I know she has also entered the giveaway, but I would like to win it for her as a special gift for a wonderful mother. Thanks!

  • J Nono

    Hubby and I fell in love with this stroller this past weekend when double stroller shopping! Pregnant with #2 and can’t wait to stroll this around. Winning it would make it that much sweeter… :)

  • Shelly Richter

    I am in desperate neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed of a new stroller please!!!!!!!! I liked them and I’ve followed you guys from the beginning!!!! Please pick me!

  • Vanessa

    I am a fan of both Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook. We are expecting our second baby in April and we could really use this stroller as we are currently looking at double strollers. Our oldest will be two and a half and I love all the seating options we could use with the B-ready! Not to mention I love the fact that we can use it as either a double or a single. This stroller would be PERFECT for us!

  • anastasia b

    I like both on Facebook

  • anastasia b

    I would like to win because I have two kids under 3, this would be perfect with my 4 month old! I’ve been dreaming of this stroller, but I certainly can’t afford one and Britax hasn’t given me one for review because my blog is ‘small’-ish

  • Molly Bussler

    I’m a fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook. – Molly Ann Bussler

  • Rochel S
  • Molly Bussler

    Expecting my first child in May, and I am in desperate neeeeed for one, I don’t have one and I love this stroller, it has all the bells and whistles. Thank you & Good Luck To Everyone!

  • Molly Bussler
  • Lauren P.

    I love the B-Ready, especially the new colors! I’m expecting our first in June and the B-Ready is at the top of my wish list.

  • Angie Martinez

    I am a fan of both pages on FB. I’d love to win the stroller because I’m due in Aug with #2 and I will need a second stroller. Thanks! :)

  • Leslie Guenther

    Fan of both on facebook. I need this stroller so badly for baby #3. Our stroller right now has wheels that are so messed up you have to keep the back left off the ground to make it go straight. I need a stroller.

  • Leslie Guenther
  • Emily Robison

    like Modern Day Moms and Britax on FB

  • Emily Robison

    I just had a baby and this would be great to have!

  • Emily Robison

    I just entered to win a NEW B-Ready Stroller from @Britax and @ModernDayMoms. See more details here: #giveaway

  • Cheryl Germaine

    I am going to be a grandmother for the first time in May and then in July. Since these are my first grandchildren I will be needing lots of things for my little girs. This stroller would certainly be a godsend because I will be babysitting for the both girls while their parents work.

  • Kayla
  • Modern Day Moms

    Hey Andrea – we just got word we can open it to CA too!!

  • Vashti M

    i’M a fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook.

  • Vashti M

    I’d love to win because I need a single stroller! I have a cumbersome double that I never use, a single would be awesome :)

  • Melanie

    We are headed to Disney with our two little ones and this would be the perfect stroller. With the stand board – 2nd seat option, organizer and UV Net, this will be exactly what we need for the Florida sun and our three year old! When we get home, trips to the park will be so much more enjoyable as well!

  • Kristen Zimmer

    Such an awesome giveaway!!

  • Jessica Sanford

    This would be a prefect solution for our family. I am in the middle of what I call my stroller conundrum (my most recent blog post actually). I have a 5 yr old, a 3 yr old and a 10 months old. I NEED a convertible double stroller in the worst way!!

  • Dana J

    I would love the Britax B ready stroller for my almost ten month old baby boy! We are planning to do a lot together this summer- beach trips, mountain trips, amusement parks with our extended family, and this stroller would definitely be a blessing!

  • Suzanne Scully Thorsted

    Just had a baby boy and don’t have a stroller, this would help my arms!! :) liked both!!

  • Dana J

    I am a fan of both on facebook. My first baby- now ten months old- will be doing a lot this summer- we are planning beach trips, mountain trips, and even an amusement park trip with extended family. This stroller would be such a blessing!

  • Tracie sprague

    Liked both on Facebook

    Would love to win this stroller, we’re expecting our second in April and I am in desperate need of a double stroller!!!

  • Pinky Sade

    Pinky Sade – fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook.
    I’d like this stroller for my expecting sister

  • Melissa R.

    In need of a new stroller because my son’s current stroller (which wasn’t even a year old) was completely damaged on our flight home from our first family vacation this past weekend. It would be a blessing to win this awesome giveaway!

  • Betsy Johnson

    I love MODERN DAY MOMS and I love this BRITAX B-READY in Twilight!! It’s perfect!

    I am currently running 3-5 miles 3 times a week and am 6.5 months pregnant! I love running but the Britax B-Ready would make it so much easy to go for walks and runs with my little man this summer and fall. I have been looking for a perfect stroller for our family and I think this is it. The extra storage is perfect for us too because I’m always stuffing extra stuff in there just incase!

    Fingers crossed! This would be wonderful. I like you on FB and Twitter! :)

  • Becca

    I love this new Britax- B-ready!! Im expecting a new little bundle in July and this would be a perfect double stroller as my babies will be 17 months apart!!

  • Becky W

    I am entering this giveaway for my daughter who is in love with this stroller. She just found out she is pregnant again and currently has a 16th month old, 4 year old, 6 year old, 8 year old and 12 year old. She has her hands full and they are extremely active. She had been using the Baby Trend Sit and Stand, and has always said there is something missing whenever she uses her stroller. She always wished that she could create her own version of a perfect stroller from a busy mom’s point of view, and Britax has it right on with the B Ready. She has said that with the new 2012 version, it is like what she has been envisioning throughout the years. I would really love to win this for my daughter and help her out, since she has already given me a priceless gift,
    my grandchildren. Thank you.

  • Dianne

    Been researching the perfect stroller and this is totally it. Fingers crossed for me. Just had a baby 6 mths ago and hoping for more soon :)

  • Tamara Petrie

    I have a stroller for my baby girl and it seems to be falling apart right before my eyes! If it is a windy day my stroller gets blown across the parking lot because the breaks do not work anymore and if my babes is in there I have to keep one foot on the stroller so she does not blow away either LOL , tires are warn out and the storage basket is ripped It is a 6 year old stroller that we used for my oldest but now I think we have to say farewell :0) If I could win this stroller that would be fantastic my babygirl would finally get the kind of ride she deserves!

  • Lauren JUbb

    We are expecting our second child in July, a girl! With our son we always had issues with storage in our stroller, I was set on a different brand until I “test drove” a Britax in the store, now I am in love (especially love the “mom facing seat”)! And with all the improvements they have made on the 2012 I would love to own one. Thanks Modern Day Moms!!!

  • Marci

    Shared on Facebook… Chris Asmus

  • Andrea S

    YAY! So happy that this is open to Canadians now! I am a fan of both Modern Day Moms and Britax! (as Andrea Scott)

  • Andrea Scott

    I would love this stroller as we do a lot of travelling and it looks like a great travel stroller. I LOVE Britax products and would feel safe using it for our family! Thanks again for a great giveaway!

  • Jessica Sanford

    Just tweeted it again, lol. I REALLY NEED this stroller!

  • Kimberly
  • Daisy

    fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook
    love it would love to win it for my 1yr old baby boy need a new stroller c:

  • L Longton

    I have a 3 year old and a 12 month old and expecting our third in June. We didn’t get a different stroller when our second was born, but if I had known about the B-ready then, we would have sold everything else and bought one!

  • Janelle Ditmer

    I would love this stroller! We just had a baby and live in a small apartment, I think the manueverability and compactness of this stroller would work great for us – especially with summer just right around the corner

  • Janelle Ditmer
  • Vanessa

    I am a fan of both Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook. I have been eyeing the B-Ready stroller for a while now. We are currently expecting our 2nd baby next month and have been looking for something to suit our growing family. We live in NYC so a side by side stroller is really not a great option for the narrow streets and small stores. I love the numerous configurations of the B-Ready and I especially love how it can easily convert from a double back to a single when necessary. The B-Ready would be the PERFECT stroller for us!

  • amy pugmire
  • Gabrielle Merl

    I am so excited about the new B-Ready! It is perfect!!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to WIN one! Posted to FB and Twitter! :)

  • Brienne Gibson

    I am a fan of Britax and Modern Day Moms on Facebook, and I would really love this stroller because I am pregnant with #3, and we didn’t save any baby gear from the last one since that was 5 years ago!

  • Jeanine

    I LOVE the B-Ready! I’ve been drooling over it for quite some time, but the new wheels have put me over the edge. We’re expecting #1 in July, but my husband is already planning for #2, so the B-Ready would be perfect! I went to ‘test drive’ it this weekend and was thrilled with how Mom-friendly it is! I want this to be my ‘one and only’ (stroller, that is LOL)!!

  • Jovanna Branham

    Great product!

  • Paula

    I am in need of a not so complicated stroller, I have a 7m old baby its my first one, but I love the idea of growing with this when I have a second one :)

  • Angela Houweling

    ‘Liked’ Both on Facebook!

  • Angela Houweling

    I have a 2½ year old daughter and am expecting a son in July. We would love this stroller – when our daughter was 18 months old my husband lost his job and we sold almost all of her baby things. We would love a stroller that can carry both kids!

  • Angela Houweling

    Changed my FB status to: I just entered to win a NEW B-Ready Stroller from @Britax and @ModernDayMoms. See more details here: #giveaway

  • jane
  • I need this stroller because it is adaptable for two children…fingers crossed.

  • Dana J

    I am a fan of both on facebook. This stroller is awesome! Britax makes quality strollers and my ten month old loves being strolled. I hope I win!

  • steph

    id like to win because we are TTC! and i’ve heard great things about the Britax brand!

  • steph
  • Heather

    HOLY MOLY I WANT THIS! I’ve been using a hand me down stroller (not a Britax) for the past year and it is terrible. Not only do the tires go flat but the webbing is completely destroyed and flakes all over my son :( I’ve had my eye on a new stroller for quite some time but it seems some other large expense comes up every month I’m about to make the stroller purchase (fridge broke, front door had to be replaced, kitchen sink broke, car broke down, toilet exploded…seriously the list goes on and on). Needless to say this would be a gift heaven sent! Fingers crossed my luck changes and this baby becomes mine!!!!

  • Kimberly
  • amy pugmire
  • Sonya Morris
  • Wendy O.

    I follow Britax and Modern Day Moms on facebook (I’m Wendy Osero)

  • Wendy O.

    I would love this stroller! I already own a Chaperone carseat which fits on here. I love the option of the 2nd seat. I’ll have a 2 year old and a newborn later this summer and this is my dream stroller! Once the 2 year old is old enough to walk and not ride, I can easily take off the 2nd seat and use it as a single stroller again!

  • Dana Jacobs

    This stroller is nice! My ten month old baby’s favorite thing to do is go for a stroll outside. I need this!

  • Gabrielle Merl

    This is the #1 thing I want for my new baby that is coming this August! Thanks Britax and Modern Day Moms!!!

  • D. Holder

    Thanks,I would love to have this for our growing bunch!

  • Jennifer

    OMG I would love this for my 4 month old son!

    nbjenni at

  • D. Holder

    Fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on FB.
    David Holder

  • D. Holder

    We have three kids and the stroller we have is not the greatest thing on wheels. It was purchased at a consigment sale and I would love to push my kids around in something nicer than what we own. I am sure there are a lot of others entering in the same situation and would love to win this great stroller too. Thanks.

  • Kathleen

    I love the B-Ready! Being able to grow with my family is vital and such a thoughtful feature!

  • Jeanine

    I LOVE the B-ready – the more I read about it, the more I want it for our little girl (coming in July). My husband and I are both teachers – we’ve been doing our homework on this stroller, and would love to start our family off on the right foot with it :)

  • Shaunna

    I am a new mom of three girls ages 5, 2.5 and 5 months! I have been doing without a double stroller for years and am finally realizing how much easier outings would be if i had one! I can’t talk my husband into spending the money on one however. I would love, love, love to win….this stroller is amazing!

  • Leah H

    I like mdm on fb!

  • Leah H

    I liked Britex on fb :)

  • Becky

    I like both on facebook (becky straub) and I would love this stroller because I am due with my first baby in 2 months and I would love to have a brand new awesome stroller! I have not been able to decide what type of stroller I want, so this would take the guess work out of it!

  • Julia Morris

    I’m due June 6th with my first baby, a boy! When I found out I was pregnant I researched every stroller on the market and decided on the B-ready as the perfect stroller. I love this stroller because you are able to use it with just one child and have it look like a single stroller. When the second baby comes along you just whip out the second seat and presto you have a tandem stroller without having to buy one. When the third comes along you attatch the ride on scooter and its able to hold three. All three with just one stroller, amazing! Then when the youngest is the only one that needs a stroller it’s back to a single! I would love to win this perfect stroller!

  • amy pugmire
  • Wendy O.
  • Sonya Morris
  • Addison Kat
  • Kimberly
  • Jessica Sanford

    Had all three kids out a few times the last few days and it was made even more clear how much my current stroller is not cutting it. The Britax B Ready would be a perfect solution.

  • Allie Thompson

    I am a fan of Britax and Modern Day Moms on FB and I am just drooling over this stroller! It would be so awesome to win! We are expecting our first little one in September and would not be able to afford this stroller right now. So it would be truly amazing to win it!! I have been researching strollers and this one is # 1 on my wish list! I want something safe and reliable for my baby and this is definitely the best out there!

  • Allie Thompson

    I would love love this stroller! We are expecting our first baby in September. We have to buy everything and this would be one less thing! I have been researching strollers and this is my # 1 pick! It is so safe and reliable. We won’t be able to afford something like this so it would be amazing to win it!

  • Sharifah Iqbal

    Wow, great giveaway. I’d love this for my little guy. Best of luck to all!

  • Sharifah I.

    What a great giveaway!! I’d love to have a stroller like this. We have a second hand one that a friend gave us, but it’s certainly showing it’s wear and tear.

    I have a a year old boy and we are thinking about adding to our family soon. I love that it works with growing families.

    I’d love to win this although would be happy for whoever does. Britix are such good products.

    Best of luck to all :-)

  • Staci A

    We would love it to use with our newest little addition! We’re using a hand me down right now, but it’s hard to push at times. The B-Ready looks amazing! Thanks for the chance to enter!

  • Miranda

    I like Modern Day Moms and Britax on FB. I would love to win this because I have started running and need a jogging stroller to push my youngest son around. Shared this giveaway on FB and Twitter.

  • Gabrielle Merl

    I love this stroller!!!! 2012 looks AMAZING! Thank you Britax and Modern Day Moms!!! :)

  • Paige Gottwald

    I facebooked it again!

    (Note: You can leave a comment below daily, if you decide to do #3 everyday.)

  • Jessica Smith

    I’d love to win this because my baby boy is strolling around in his big sister’s old stroller…..not ALL girly, but not boyish either!

    I like MDM and Britax on FB!

  • Liseth

    My son is going to be one and my daughter is 3. We go on lots of trips but my daughter still gets tired of walking so much. I wanted a B Ready since before my son was born but could never afford it. Now it has forever tires which I love since we go over lots of bumpy terrain. This would be a dream come true. And I’m sure my daughter would love it theist knowing she could hitch a ride too :)

  • Angie Martinez
  • Kristy S.

    Kristy Scheiring -I love this stroller! I am due with my third child in 8 weeks and will need a double for my 20month old and new baby…so versatile and I love the new color!

  • Jessica Pero

    I am a fan of both of you on Facebook! :)

    I would LOVE to win this because I have a newbie, a 2 year old, and a 6 year old. This gives me ALL the options I need! Our twin stroller was purchased second hand before I even had my daughter…so really third hand…and it’s filthy and old, so this would be AMAZING!

  • Lillian neder

    I’m going to be a new mom my first baby is due in sept I don’t know what the sex is yet but I’m super excited and winning a stroller will be great especially this new comer!

  • April

    I have baby #1 on the way, and am having a tough time of figuring out what all I need! Would be awesome to be given this stroller!

  • tanya borrego

    I am in desperate need of a jogging stroller. I am trying to get back into shape and the little umbrella stroller i have is on its last legs. I would be thrilled if i can win this and i know my baby girl would really enjoy and benefit from the comforts of this stroller. Thankyou

  • Kayla
  • amy pugmire
  • Brandy

    Fan of both of you on fb and I’d love this for my newborn… 1 month old!

  • Brandy

    Shared on facebook using your info above.

  • Kimberly
  • Jolene Johnson

    We are expecting our first child in July so we need a stroller badly!
    taznjade at gmail dot com

  • Jolene Johnson
  • Angie Martinez
  • Julie Dunn

    I really love the new improvements on the 2012. I’m due in August and I’ve been waiting for the 2012 to come out since I think the changes they’ve made are worth the wait! Got the Chaperone as a hand-me down from my sister, it’s only 2 years old and we love how snuggly it fits into the B-ready! Hope I win it!

  • Kristen Zimmer (Blackshaw)

    Posted on FB again, good luck to everyone!

  • shay

    Like modern day moms on facebook.

  • shay

    Like Britax on facebook.

  • shay

    Would really love to have a more compact stroller that will fit in my drunk without laying down my seats in order to close the trunk.

  • Anne N.

    Fan of Modern Day Moms and Britax on Facebook.

  • Anne N.

    I would love a new stroller since I have to give my other stroller back to a friend who loaned it to me who just had a baby.

  • Amy

    I’m trying to win this for my sister, who just had her 4th baby boy! Her current stroller is a pink hand me down from a neighbor, so she would LOVE this!

  • Breanne

    I’m a fan of both pages. I’d love to win this for my cousin.

  • jenn

    like you both on fb

  • jenn

    My friend just adopted and i would love to give it to her

  • D. Holder!/dholder3/status/183723982632140801
    Tweeted and hoping to win this great stroller!

  • Stephanie A

    I liked you both on facebook: stephanie albro
    I would love to win this stroller because we are getting ready to have a baby and I have heard these are a great all around travel system strollers.

  • Mary Tom Jenkins

    My sister is expecting a baby boy in a couple of weeks. I would love, love, love to be able to give this to her!!! =0)

  • Gabrielle Merl

    One last shot at it!!! I tweeted, liked, and LOVE your B-Ready 2012!!!! Thank you for the chance to win Britax and Modern Day Moms!!! :)

  • Michella Coger

    I just shared this on FB. Hoping to win!!!!

  • Jessamyn Nioko Miller

    Thank you Modern Day Moms!! I am super excited :D You are all so awesome!!

  • Modern Day Moms

    Jessamyn Nioko Miller – Congrats Jessamyn! We hope you enjoy the new stroller from Britax.

  • Katie Kratz Hobkirk

    Congratulations! :) I am sure it is an awesome stroller.

  • Kristen Zimmer

    Congratulations!! Please let us know how you like it! :)

  • Modern Day Moms

    Yes, I agree! Let us know what you think!!

  • Jessamyn Nioko Miller

    Will do ladies! :D

  • Modern Day Moms

    <3 <3