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Giveaway: Adorable Gibout Blocks

This giveaway has ended. Winner has been announced below.

You have probably seen us mention Gibout Toys on our facebook recently. We were absolutely smitten over a photo they posted that included some of their blocks. If you aren’t familiar with these blocks, let me show you.

Your kids can build a fort with them.

They can also stack them against the wall.

Or… if your little Prince or Princess needs a new throne, not a problem…

These blocks are made from luxurious minky fabric in fashion forward styles, these blocks double as room decor when not in play. They stack nicely in the corner of a room, need no instructions, or batteries. At 11.5″ square, they are the perfect toy for stacking, throwing, laying on, and foster creative play. Moms love them because they save wear and tear on their couch cushions.

They are perfect for children of all ages. Whether they are just learning to pull themselves up on furniture, or building a fort of epic proportions. All of their Play Blocks are long lasting, durable, meet all Toy Safety Regulations and are hand-made in the U.S.A.

Mix, match and play!

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Gibout Toys Giveaway!

Gibout Toys has offered some blocks up for a giveaway! This giveaway is for a 6-pack of soft Play Blocks.


#5 Teresa Animas:
March 21, 2012 at 10:04 am
I think these blocks are so cool….I want them for myself!! LOL :)
I think my little girls would definitely build towers with them, I can also see them sitting down and reading on the throne! The best one that matches their playroom would be the pink delight block. Also LOVE the fact that they are made in the USA!!!


This giveaway is open to US residents only. Must be 18+. Giveaway ends March 24th. Please allow us a few days from end date to verify & confirm entries. Winner will be announced directly in this post and will be e-mailed immediately. Winner will then have 48 hours to respond, which is why we can’t stress enough: please make sure to like us on Facebook & Twitter so you can watch for announcements.

The winner can choose 6 blocks from the 18 styles on the website at:

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  • Mandie bettencourt

    I would LOVE these blocks for my kiddies they look AWSOME sauce hehe i have 2 sets of twins 1 set is 5 years old 1 set is 4 years old and I have a 2 1/2 year old so these blocks would be VERY beneficial for there learning skills they would build towers I think but they would promote team work which is a PLUS for me ;) I would like the mulit color ones but
    I won’t be picky I have have 4 boys and 1 girl ;) so either would be GREAT thanks for letting me enter and THANKS for taking the time to read my entry have a HAPPY day ;)

  • Kristy

    The checkered mint and sage dot are fabulous and either would work in the kids’ new room when we move. These would save my couch cushions for sure since they like to stack them up and dive off of or onto them. I think they’d make a great fort, too. So many possibilities!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway and thanks to Gibout Toys for their generous offer!

  • Kristy

    I also shared this on facebook. :)

  • Mandie Bettencourt

    Thanks for the chance to win ;) LOVE these blocks !!!

  • Teresa Animas

    I think these blocks are so cool….I want them for myself!! LOL :)
    I think my little girls would definitely build towers with them, I can also see them sitting down and reading on the throne! The best one that matches their playroom would be the pink delight block. Also LOVE the fact that they are made in the USA!!!

  • Teresa Animas

    I posted on twitter for an extra entry. Thank you!!!

  • Katie Scott

    I love the Gibout Toys blocks! I have four already, would love more. They are fun to stack. My three year old saw a picture of the throne and he said he wanted to build that, if we win we’ll have enough to make one! We love them and would love to have more!!

  • Ashley

    These adorable blocks would be perfect in my infant daughters nursery! I know once she starts to crawl and walk the blocks will provide lots of entertainment for her!

  • Rochel S

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE these blocks! My son wold have the best time with them building towers and forts and climbing all over them! They are soo cute! The Sky Blue Polka Dot Block would go best with his room!

  • Amanda B

    I just saw these the other day and pinned them on pinterest. They are so cool. Love the fabric choice, they look so soft. I think my little guy would love to play with something like this. They would be very useful for fort building. :) Loved the multi fabric ones.

  • Deb D.

    My daughter would love to play with these blocks. I follow you on twitter: HBGIRLinNY and like you on FB.

  • Amber Reid

    We just bought a new house so these blocks would be the perfect addition to my girls room! I like all the different colors. I think my girls would definitely make a princess throne.

  • Amber Reid

    Just shared on Twitter

  • Krissy G

    How awesome are these blocks?!?! They look so soft and FUN for my little guy! Would loveeee these for my little dude. He’s 6 months old and just starting to explore and these would be perfect for him to play with now and he would get a ton of use out of them for years to come. Not only do I love the coziness of these and the size of them but LOVE the colors and design. These are easy on the eyes (unlike most kids toys) and would match our modern decor at home. It’s so hard to find safe, fun, skill building toys that are great for baby AND good for momma’s decor. So I’m glad I stumbled across these! So hard to choose a fave design since I like them all, but I think the tangerine, chocolate stripe, luscious lime, and icy blue are my faves and would look fab in Eli’s modern nursery that is designed with grey and tangerine colors!

  • Krissy G

    P.S> Just posted to my twitter page as well for an extra entry :)

  • Janet W.

    I like them on faceboook – janet watson
    and follower on twitter @jwatson50

  • Janet W.

    I think my grandson would enjoy stacking them and organizing them into different configurations. The Sage Dot Block would probably match best.

  • Janet Watson

    Can we tweet daily for an extra entry each day? You didn’t say anything about that so I just wanted to check first. Thank you!!

  • Modern Day Moms

    Sure go ahead I’ll update it :)

  • Janet Watson

    Ok, thanks!!

  • anastasia b

    My daughter would love these, her nickname is ‘the architect’, she’s always building something! I like them on FB and follow on twitter as ecoblogz

  • anastasia b

    my tweet:!/EcoBlogz/status/182843239072661504

    forgot to mention that the sunshine yellow and sky blue polka dot ones would look good in the kids room

  • Teresa Animas

    Posted on twitter for an extra entry!

  • Leah H

    I love the fabric of the blocks!

  • Leah H

    I likes Gibout Toys on fb!

  • Staci A

    I love the design and that they add color to a room. The Icy Blue Dot ones are very cute! My little one would love to make towers with them.

  • Miranda

    Follow both pages on twitter on FB, Twitter and Pinterest. I love these blocks! They are so cute and look so soft! Our 3 boys would love to build a fort with them.

  • Miranda

    Shared and Tagged on FB and tweeted on twitter.

  • Leah H

    Here is my daily entry!!

  • Jessica Smith

    My kids would LOVE these! The green camo would look fabulous in their new play room!

  • Teresa Animas

    I have posted on twitter today for an extra entry!

  • Anne N.

    Follow both pages on twitter on FB. My daughter loved to build a tower then knock them down! She would love the pink color blocks.

  • jenn

    Twitter and FB follower of Gibout

  • jenn

    The Pink Delight blocks would go perfectly with my daughters room. She would love to make the throne and watch movies sitting in it or a bed to lay on

  • Teresa Animas

    Tweeted for extra entry!

  • Miranda

    Daily Entry…Tweeted on twitter. 03/26/12!/MamaHatch

  • Modern Day Moms

    Giveaway winner has been announced on the blog post!!

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