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Baby Dipper- Easy Feeding

Typically I am not a person that gets overly excited about baby bowls. Sure some of them are cool, but a bowl is just a bowl right? Well all that changed the minute I saw the Baby Dipper. This bowl actually had me intrigued. Could this bowl actually help me out during dinner time? Could this really help my son learn to self-feed with a utensil?

The Baby Dipper is a triangular-shaped bowl that enables one-handed feedings of infantry and makes self-feeding easy for toddlers.

We love peas at our house. Sadly, my son and I have two different takes on the word “love”. He loves to smash them and I love when he cleanly eats them. If I put some peas on his highchair tray he smashes them, if I put them in a bowl and then give them to him, he dumps them onto his tray and then smashes them… Oh the joys of an 11 month old. So since I want him to eat his peas, I put them in a bowl and spoon feed him them. Which isn’t always the easiest way (especially when I am trying to eat dinner myself) and sure as heck not the fun way. Usually the peas move around the bowl and sometimes I have to use my other hand to tilt the bowl and then scoop. Now imagine a young toddler trying to get their peas out of their bowl with a spoon. I’m sure they would get frustrated.

So how does the Baby Dipper help make meal time easier?

The Baby Dipper has a contoured interior that guides the food to the spoon. It also has a non-slip base that helps to prevent sliding around. (bonus for one-handed feedings!)

Want to see it in action?

As you can see from the above, your food will naturally gather at the bottom of the bowl making it easier to get scoops onto your spoon.

When the food was all done, my son decided he wanted to try and learn all about using a spoon. Which I might add, he has actually never shown any interest in doing so before, so I would like to think the Baby Dipper helped encourage this.

Not only is this a pretty neat and very helpful bowl but it is also:

Phthalate- Free


dishwasher and microwavable safe. (please note that although it is microwavable safe, it is recommended to not warm baby food in the microwave. Hand-washing is also recommended)

The Baby Dipper is seriously my favorite bowl to use and I would definitely recommend it to any parent!

To learn more about the Baby Dipper and the awesome mom behind this product, please visit their website at:

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*Disclaimer- I received this product to review, but all opinions are my own

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  • Emily

    Ooooh! This is Cool!


    I second Emily’s comment. Gentry is trying hard to use his spoon but all the food just slides everywhere which makes for frustrating feedings!

    • Jasmine

      This bowl is seriously so helpful. You’d love it and it would solve the problem you are having!

  • Jessica

    Love this bowl! Is it easy to clean?

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