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10 Ziploc Products You Need To Know About

Welcome to Jessica’s Top Thursday. Each week, I will feature a new Top Trend, Top 10 or Top List. I will mention some of our favorite items, tips, ideas, recipes and more. Enjoy! To see my previous Top Thursday posts, click here.

This week’s Top 10 Thursday is geared towards back-to-school organization and school lunches!

When it comes to school lunches, there are a few words you know all too well: sandwich baggies & containers. When it comes down to it, that’s really ALL we know about ziploc, am I right? I’m here to share with you some of my Top 10 FAVORITE Ziplock products that even I wasn’t aware of. Some of them are actually super cool and have multiple purposes.

To start it off, I’m going to have to mention my absolute favorite product that Ziploc makes!

1. New! Ziploc VersaGlass Containers

Store, heat and serve all in one container.When it comes to preparing meals for you and your family, new Ziploc VersaGlass Containers make life easy. These dishwasher-safe containers are made from tempered glass, so you can use them to store food in the fridge or freezer, heat food in the oven* or microwave, and serve food on the dining room table.

What I Love About Them:

– Available in sizes and shapes that are perfect for leftovers
– Can be used in the fridge, freezer, oven* and microwave
– Also great for serving food on the table
– Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup
– Made from tempered-glass, which is 50% stronger than non-tempered glass
– Variety pack includes one small round container and both the small and large square containers

*Oven safe up to 400 F (204 C), without lid
Based on resistance to thermal shock

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

2. Ziploc evolve Sandwich Bags

Better for the Environment. Still Ziploc Fresh

These ultra-light bags are made with 25 percent less plastic* and manufactured using wind power**. Plus, Ziploc evolve Storage Bags feature our Smart Zip seal it lets you hear and feel the bag close from edge-to-edge, so you can feel confident your food is protected.

What I Love About Them:

– Better for the environment.
– Made with 25 percent less plastic*.
– Manufactured using wind power**.
– Secure seal for proven freshness.
– Perfect for kitchen storage, on-the-go storage and more.

*Compared to regular Ziploc Brand Sandwich and Storage Bags.
**Ziploc evolve bags are manufactured with a combination of renewable wind energy and energy from traditional energy sources.

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

3. Ziploc Brand Divided Containers

Ziploc Brand Containers make it easy to store gifts, household items and food while locking in freshness! You can hear the lid securely close with just one press. When you have a secure seal you know you are keeping food fresh, which saves you money.

What I Love About Them:

– Wide rim, finger grips, and a ridged lid make handling easy.
– Use as directed in microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
– Measurement lines on containers for exact portion size.

Ziploc Brand Divided Containers are perfect for:

– 100-calorie servings
– On-the-go snacking
– Packing in kids’ lunches
– Bringing lunch to the office

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

4. Ziploc Brand Twist ‘n Loc Containers

Ziploc Brand Twist ‘n Loc Containers block out air and lock in freshness. Plus, the lids on these handy containers twist on like a jar and have a leak-resistant seal so you don’t have to worry about spills or leaks!

What I Love About Them:

– Perfect for soups, stews and gravies.
– Keep homemade baked goods and after-school snacks fresh and accessible.
– Store and transport messy foods like flour, pasta, and cereal.
– Store cookies and crackers when you’re on the road to keep them safe and secure.
– Keep pens, pencils and other office supplies neat and organized.
– Organize and store crayons, paintbrushes and other art supplies.
– Wide rim, finger grips and a ridged lid make handling easy.
– Measurement lines on containers for exact portion size.

Handy Tips:
Prep pancakes the night before and store the batter in the container. Then all you have to do in the morning is get the griddle hot!

Save time by pre-making homemade salsas and salad dressings. Seal all the ingredients in the container, shake together, and store in the fridge for another day.

Take homemade soup to work for lunch..

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

5. Ziploc Brand Flexible Totes

There’s only so much storage space in your home. Ziploc Brand Flexible Totes can help you make the most of it. These soft-sided, rectangular bags are great for everyday and long-term storage.

What I Love About Them:

– Flexible, so you can squeeze them under beds, into closets or onto shelves.
– Use them for bedroom storage, closet organization and more.
– Unlike rigid containers, they stay folded away until you need them.
– Made of thick, semi-transparent plastic.
– Strong enough for everyday use.
– Easy-close zipper.
– Built-in handles.
– Modular, stackable design (two XL bags fit into/on one XXL bag).

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

6. Ziploc Brand Snack Bags

Make snacks last with Ziploc Brand Snack Bags. They’re perfect for keeping snacks accessible and fresh. Plus, they’re the ideal size for dividing snacks into 100-calorie* servings.

What I Love About Them:

– Ideal for packing cookies, fruits, vegetables, chips and much more.
– Tight and secure seal locks in freshness.
– Convenient size is great for grab-and-go snacking.

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

There’s more…

Here are some of my other favorite everyday products from Ziploc that will help make things a little easier:

7. 8.

9. 10.

7. Ziploc Brand Freezer Bags with the Smart Zip Seal: Gallon Size!

8. Storage Quart

9. Bowls with Smart Snap Seal! See here.

10. Ziploc Brand Sandwich Bags

Buy them online or at Walmart, Kroger and other local stores.

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  • Emily

    We are never without the Gallon sized freezer bags!

  • Jessica

    I <3 the Versaglass! A serious must-have.

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