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Beatrix New York

I’m pretty sure the first time I came across Beatrix New York I squealed! How could I not? Look how ADORABLE the designs are! I don’t think I have ever been so excited to be browsing through someone’s website. I just kept thinking, “Oh man.. my 5 year old would love this” to pretty much every thing on the website. It wasn’t until I clicked on the Eco Packs that I knew this would be something that he truly had to have.

Obviously most of you don’t know my 5 year old Ethan, but if you did you would know how big of an advocate he is about recycling. I think he got a full understanding about the benefits of recycling when he was around 3 years old and has been passionate about it since. He is always looking at his drinks and food containers, checking for that wonderful little recycling logo. If it has it on there, he gets SO excited! In fact he won’t throw anything away without first ensuring it is not recyclable. I even remember once we were out and about and he saw a soda can littered on the ground. He looked up at me and said “mom.. why didn’t that person put that in the recycling can?” So I simply answered and said that maybe that person didn’t know about recycling and not littering and maybe one day he could teach people about it.

I could not wait for the backpack to arrive at the house and see the look on my son’s face when he opened the box. He jumped for joy and got so excited that he had a recycling backpack to take with him to Kindergarten. Not only does this adorable backpack have an awesome recycling logo on the front, it is constructed with nylon made entirely from recycled plastic water bottles and trimmed with naturally biodegradable canvas. Each pack removes seven 16oz. plastic bottles from the environment. Now that IS awesome! All of the Eco Packs are constructed this way and you can also get them in:



All Beatrix New York backpacks come in big kid sized backpacks or little kid sized backpacks. They also sell water bottles, lunch boxes and wheelie bags.

With my son starting kindergarten this summer he needs a lunch box and wants one from Beatrix NY. We have narrowed it down to two.

JuJu the Ladybug

and Nigel the Shark

These backpacks definitely are not for the frugal mom as the “big kid” backpacks will run you a little over $50. But what I can tell you is this. These backpacks are not made like the backpacks you will buy for your children at Target or Walmart. Those backpacks you buy there will maybe last them through one grade. Every backpack Ethan has owned after a few months the threads started fraying and coming apart. Beatrix NY products are built to last. The quality of work sets them apart from the rest, not to mention the adorable designs.

Here’s what Ethan has to say about his new Beatrix Eco backpack:

Beatrix is not only popular with us but the stars’ kids as well. Check out a few familiar faces:

Halle Berry

Britney Spears’ sons

Meg Ryan

To learn more about Beatrix New York and where you can find any of their items, please visit their website at

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Also check out their Creatures of the Forest for some adorable illustrations and more on the characters of Beatrix New York.

*(Disclaimer: I received a backpack for review but the words written above are strictly my own opinion. I was not compensated for any part of this post)**

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  • Bex

    So cute! I want all of them! Maybe I can start stocking up now for when Chloe actually starts school :)

    • Jessica

      They are freaking cute!

  • Emily

    These are ADORABLE!

  • Jessica


  • Kaydee

    Awesome post! I’ll start saving now so my 2 year-old can have one when he starts pre-school and my 6 year-old for 1st grade!!!

  • Jess T.

    OMG I loooove these! I’m getting some for the girls right now!

    • Jessica

      Which ones are you getting!?

      • Jess T.

        Alexander the Robot and either Fernando the Bear or Nigel the Shark!

  • Stephanie E.

    Is big kid the same as big college kid? Lol these are awesome, I want one for myself. And E is such a great kid to be so passionate about something so important, and at such a young age!

    • Jasmine

      Stephanie- I’ve been wearing Ethan’s backpack around. You could definitely sport one! haha

  • Jessica

    I totally want the bunny for my little one

  • Brittany B.

    absolutely adorable!

  • Katie

    These are so cool! I’m always looking for things made out of recycled items, so I may have to get one of these (although my son has a few years before he’ll need a backpack). :)

  • Summer


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